Monday, May 4, 2015

Inspiration From The Front Porch

 Come sit awhile... 
 the weather is so nice and the front porch beckons.

I am fascinated with porches. 
 I do believe that any home would be more homey with a front porch.
Maybe that is my southern roots coming out.
To me, it really doesn't matter what style a porch is, I love them all.

Over the weekend we cleaned up and put together this year's summer porch.  
It was an exciting event and all the children were eager to help sweep, mop,
 put wintery things away and bring out the season's furnishings.

As we were sitting out this first morning on the porch,
 (having moved our school work outdoors)
I was amused to find that Bethany had made lemonade.
  I guess she just naturally thought:
 porch = lemonade.

 Our large front porch certainly is a significant part of our home, 
and we spend a great many hours there spring, summer and fall.  
When we have church fellowship out here, the house overflows,
(63 for dinner last Sunday!)
 and the porch is a welcome extra room.

I have said before... how much I adore time on the porch,
 and it is true I will invent work that I can do on the porch
 to justify spending a few more hours there.

In the mornings of summer and early fall,
 the sun comes up over the tree tops to the front side of the house,
 casting its warming rays all over the porch. 
 Sipping coffee, listening to the birds morning songs... is a lovely way to wake up.

In summer's hot afternoons,
 the sun is high overhead and the porch is a cool refreshing place to sit,
 where one can watch chickens, dogs, cats, goats and children frolicking in the yard.
Taking laundry off the line, I will fold there, 
write my shopping lists and menus there,
 talk on the phone to my daughter and mama,
 read to the littles, 
 do our school work,
 read my Bible,
  visit with the older children.

In the evenings, it is the perfect spot to catch up with my dear husband,
watch thunderstorms, 
have dinner,
 interact with the children playing,
 and, ahhhh...unwind at the end of the day.

I love making our porch (and home) a collection of beautiful things,
 a gathering place for family and friends, 
a comfortable place where people want to come and be together,
 a welcoming place for the new acquaintances that are made
 and for the strangers who come into our lives,
 a caring place where the needy can find help and the hurting find comfort. 

A porch is a great place for hospitality,
 a welcome smile to come home to, 
a convenient place to retreat to, 
a favorite spot you come back to over and over again.

Blessings from our porch to yours,


  1. At our old house, I had a front porch. I loved it! I have missed it know for 13 years! When my parents move in and we add on a few things, we will be putting a porch on! I am so excited! The back deck has never been thrilling to me, like my porch was!

    I love how you use yours!


  2. My heart just breathed a sigh, I need to come sit on your porch! Love porches and someday mine will be finished.

  3. So very beautiful, Julianne. Your blog (and life!) are a continual feast of inspiration.

  4. Oh how it beckons me.... living in sunny South Africa and on a farm too! But I don't have a front porch, we can't sit otside on warm evenings... oh how I miss the freedom we had in my childhood days.

  5. Can I come visit your front porch? I have a large back deck that I use to sit on and enjoy, but nothing like your front porch. I would say that it is a lovely addition to your home.


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