Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The New Grandbaby!!

So there we were,
 3/4 of our journey competed....500 miles yet to go 
on our trip to New Mexico to see our daughter and son in law and forth coming baby,
when, 5:00 in the morning, we got a call....yes,
 Anna was in labor! 
 Straightaway we hopped in the suburban and drove, drove, drove..... 
 arriving 40 minutes after the newest grand baby was born!  

  I was allowed into the birthing room right away to meet this newest blessing, 
help wash her, measure her, and cut the cord. 
 Scott was perfectly at ease with the sweet little bundle, 
...I was impressed. 

Mary Joy 
made her way safely into the world that Monday, 
surprising us all at 8 lbs 2 oz 
and having plenty of dark hair, which was a great relief and delight to her mama.

 Needless to say, we all fell completely head over heels for this little girl.

Oh, My!!  What a darling!!!

I cannot possibly look upon these pictures without a little squeal escaping-
she is SO PRECIOUS!!!

With eyes of wonder, 
all of the family stared and stared at her, never getting our fill of the wee one.  
Thus we spent the next 5 days with them, 
holding and staring at this amazing little person named Mary.

All too soon it was time for us to make the trip home. 

 Leaving our sweet little New Mexico family was easier said than done,
 but we contented ourselves with the thankfulness of a safe and healthy birth,
 that Anna is recovering very well,
 that Scott is such a natural at being a daddy,
 and that we had the opportunity to be there 
 to meet this fabulous and amazing granddaughter! 

Praising the Lord for Mary Joy!

Still giddy,


  1. Ahhh.... Such a relief and such a joy!! Babies are amazing & have such a supernatural effect upon those who love them. Congratulations !!
    Heather C. ( eastern !!)

  2. Oh Julianne! And this sweet Mary was so longed and prayed for! What a precious gift to Scott and Anna! I am so thrilled for them! And you!

    I am a wee bit jealous of your holding a new sweet wee babe. My granddaughter is five already, and no new ones on the way yet! I can't wait for the next one, Lord willing.

    I am delighted for you that you made it so close to her birth!


  3. Oh, my, what a precious little bundle from heaven! She is just beautiful! So happy you were all able to make the trip to share in her arrival. Also good to hear new mama and daddy are doing well, too. God is so good. Thanking Him for His many blessings. Thank you so much, Julianne, for sharing, 😊

  4. Hi Julianne,

    Thank you for this blog post. I was waiting to hear about the safe arrival and I'm so happy for you all and relieved, I can feel the happiness and excitement of you all just by reading your blog post. Every baby is beautiful, but these pictures really are gorgeous.

    Congratulations to Anna and Scott.

  5. Beautiful Baby Girl. I think I can see a bit of red hair and I think she looks alot like your daughter. Momma looks so tired. I hope she able to rest some. Congratulations!


  6. Congratulations on such a sweet little blessing. I am sure she will be a Joy to you forever.

  7. Congratulations! What a blessing! Your wee Mary is sweet and beautiful. We have a Mary (Grace) here, too. :) Love that name. So glad for you that you were able to be there so soon after she was born and marvel with her parents at the wonder that is a newborn baby. We are anticipating the birth of our first grandchild here in February, and your post makes me anticipate it even more! God is gracious.

  8. I'm a grandmother myself - and it's just different. You can spoil and not feel guilty!

  9. Have you stopped blogging? Please start again soon.

  10. Mary is beautiful! I am also a grandmother. I have a beautiful granddaughter, Helen, that was born on May 23. Child are a gift from God and we need to treat them as delicately as possible and it seems that your family is doing just that.


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