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A Little More Ooze

My daughter, Anna,  is engaged to "The Handsome Captain",  who is currently far away.   The letters fly between them.   She looks to the mail everyday in anticipation of the next love letter.   Today, there were two letters awaiting her in the mailbox.   When she arrived home and found them, she dashed up to her room to read them.   Then, she read them again.   And again.   Then, she floated down the stairs,  oozing in twitterpated delirium over the man she will marry.   The rest of her day she will think on those words penned to her.   She will quietly smile  or burst forth into a sweet giggle at the thought of his words.   She will joyously share tidbits with us.   It is beautiful to watch.   She is in love.

I wonder,   do I respond to God's love like that?
If I don't,
 I surely should!

 Do I ooze over my adoration of him?

 Do I joyously share the latest words of love I have read from His word?

 Do I smile and radiate His love as I meditate on His goodness?

Is my …


As the darkness of sin and evil seem to be sweeping across our nation, a thinking woman must wonder; what can I possibly do about it?
You can be a city set on a hill... just by being who God created you to be.
Here are some thoughts inspired by Emily Barnes:

Being a woman created by God is such a privilege, and the gift of our femininity is something we can give both to ourselves and those around us.

I believe that our society is hungering to be transformed by the  loveliness  and grace  of Biblical femininity.
What better antidote to a violent and pain filled culture  than warm  and gentle feminine strength?

What better cure for poverty and filth than a love of beauty and a confidence in one's ability to make things lovely?
What better hope for the future than a nurturing mother's heart that is  more concerned for the next generation than its own selfish desires?

All these qualities: gentle strength, love of beauty, care and nurturing,  are part of the essence of femininity.

Celebrating Independence Day

"For Freedom, Christ has set us free."  The tall, handsome preacher declared Sunday morning.
The line stuck with me through the week.   As he read the Declaration of Independence Wednesday before our 50 some guests,  and we sang the Star Spangled Banner,  it was those 7 words that rang in my ear,  long after the boom and bang of fireworks had ended
and all were snugly tucked in bed.

"Stand fast, therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free,
and  be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage."
Galatians 5:1

July Updates and My Firefighter.

Once  the sunshine began to warm up our neck of the woods,  it was high time to get the porch outfitted for summer.  And, although the sunny warm days have been few and far between so far, the porch is still the favorite spot to hang out this time of year.   The other day, as the rain pounded the earth and the heavens raged with thunder and lightening,  it was the porch where we gathered.   Where else,  can one be so intimate with a spectacular thunderstorm  and yet enjoy it?
Also new for the summer, is my dear husband's shaven head.   He lost his hair at VBS, as he most always does,  when the children reach their goal for raising money for a mission project.  This year their project was for Compassion International's mosquito net program.  This photo was right after the head shaving finally,  where the children at VBS screamed with delight as the clippers buzzed right  down through the middle of his head. He is keeping the look for the summer,  a reminder of what a little co…