Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little More Ooze

My daughter, Anna,
 is engaged to "The Handsome Captain", 
who is currently far away.  
The letters fly between them. 
 She looks to the mail everyday in anticipation of the next love letter.  
Today, there were two letters awaiting her in the mailbox.  
When she arrived home and found them, she dashed up to her room to read them. 
 Then, she read them again.
  And again.  
Then, she floated down the stairs, 
oozing in twitterpated delirium over the man she will marry.  
The rest of her day she will think on those words penned to her. 
 She will quietly smile
 or burst forth into a sweet giggle at the thought of his words.  
She will joyously share tidbits with us.
  It is beautiful to watch. 
 She is in love.

I wonder, 
 do I respond to God's love like that?
If I don't,
 I surely should!

 Do I ooze over my adoration of him?

 Do I joyously share the latest words of love I have read from His word?

 Do I smile and radiate His love as I meditate on His goodness?

Is my love for Jesus noticeable to others?

Just something I am thinking about today.


  1. Julianne,

    What a beautiful way to look at our relationship with the Lord...

    After 25 years (almost) of marriage, I think of my relationship with the Lord as I do with my husband. Long established, deep, trusting...I love to spend time with Him...but not in the young love way if you know what I mean.

    I will ponder this...


  2. That is a great way to look at it! Thanks for sharing this thought!

  3. What a beautiful love story. I hope she treasures this time of correspondence with her fiance. The building of a relationship to last a lifetime based on the Lord and his word is so important.

    I think there have been times when I have lost my first love like the Ephesians. I get busy doing, serving, being selfish, and I don't spend time cultivating my relationship with God. I feel so alone. I'm convicted by my lack of fellowship and state as David did that I have lost the joy of my salvation. God is gracious and he comes and restores.

    I pray for their courtship as they build their life on the Savior.

    By Grace Alone,

  4. Dear Julianne
    I "stumbled" across your daughter's blog Anna Grace while looking for a picture from Google. For the past hour I have been reading her blog posts and was immensely encouraged by what I read. Definitely a young woman who has been shaped and molded with care, I thought to myself that her parents have really been faithful to their calling. Nevertheless, it is also obvious that she made the choice to be an obedient daughter, giving honor to her God, and her parents. Thus the only commandment with a promise, Honor your father and mother, is activated in her life - and it will certainly go well with her, and she will live long in the land.

    After reading her recent entries, I read the page on her blog about her family, where I found out that her mother also keeps a blog. So here I am. I've scrolled down and read your recent posts as well.

    What an encouragement to read the beautiful words here. It is a modern day account of life in North Idaho, of homeschooling, log cabins, embracing femininity, living life to the fullest and loving God above all.

    Thank you for giving me a peep into your life. I am a 59 year old mother to two sons, two daughters in law, and one daughter, and grandmother to two young boys.

    My husband and I were happily married for thirty years before the Lord called him home three and a half years ago.

    I hope you welcome this early morning visit from a faraway land, our lives are very different but in our hearts beat the same love for the King of Kings, and He is the same God and Father over us.

    By the way, what caught my eye when I saw your daughter's blog is her name. My only daughter's name is also Anna Grace. She is 27 years old, and lives and works alone in the huge metropolis of Metro Manila.

    I will be visiting your blog again, Julianne. I am certain that this is not a chance meeting but one divinely ordained by a loving God. How delighted I am that He has allowed our paths to cross.

    Blessings on your evening as a brand new day begins for me...

  5. To know Him is to love Him. That is what I have found. And, we get to know Him better and better the more we read His love letters to us, the Word of God.

    When we fully understand -- as much as is humanly possible on this earth -- that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, we cannot help but ooze with breathtaking adoration for Him who gave the ultimate sacrifice in His love for us. What a staggering thought.

    Indeed! we love Him because He first loved us. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. All these truths are found in His love letters, and I treasure them to my heart.

    He is soooo beautiful, but so often misunderstood and maligned. If only they could see Him like He really is. We must know it first for ourselves and then tell others.

    Thank you for sharing your heart today.


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