Friday, July 6, 2012

July Updates and My Firefighter.

Once  the sunshine began to warm up our neck of the woods, 
it was high time to get the porch outfitted for summer.  And, although the sunny warm days have been few and far between so far, the porch is still the favorite spot to hang out this time of year.  
The other day, as the rain pounded the earth and the heavens raged with thunder and lightening, 
it was the porch where we gathered.  
Where else,
 can one be so intimate with a spectacular thunderstorm 
and yet enjoy it?

Also new for the summer, is my dear husband's shaven head. 
 He lost his hair at VBS, as he most always does, 
when the children reach their goal for raising money for a mission project. 
This year their project was for Compassion International's mosquito net program.
 This photo was right after the head shaving finally,
 where the children at VBS screamed with delight as the clippers buzzed right 
down through the middle of his head.
He is keeping the look for the summer, 
a reminder of what a little community can do to impact the world.

Just after VBS, Brian and I went out to celebrate 23 years of wedded bliss.
We just had to have a picture taken for the occasion.
What a man!
What a blessing to married to him!

Then, the other night we celebrated having our firefighting son, John,
 home for a few days rest from the terrible Colorado fires.
John was one of 2,000 fire fighters who gathered at Fort Collins to fight the monster wild fire blazing there, threatening many homes, burning over 300 structures, and scorching 90,000 acres.

A highlight of the first few weeks;  one day his crew's hand line saved several homes from being burned. 
"Ya, that was a good day."

My fire fighter, after the weekend's rest,
 was sent back out, this time to fires in eastern Montana,
 where temperatures above 100 degrees, wind, and a recent lightening storm 
have loosed several wild land fires.

It is amazing to me how God has made men in particular, to delight in being in the fray.
Hazardous, dangerous, heroic work is what little boys dream of.
Guarding, Protecting, Fighting, this is man's work.
  I am ever so thankful for the men who gladly take that responsibility and give it their all,
 protecting our country from terrorists, 
from  rampant fires,
 from darkness sweeping through the nation,
 standing tall and brave..
like a city on a hill. 
Just the way God made them to.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! My husband and I are coming up on 25 years in January...

    Your husband looks good shaved...not everyone can pull that off.

    Glad your son is doing well...I am thankful God made men to do hard things.


  2. Congratulations on you 23rd anniversary. What a testimony these days is a godly marriage that glorifies God.

    Shaving the Pastor's head is a new one :).......we've dunked him in a tank, pie in the face, dyed his hair, but never shaved....good idea! The families will be so greatful for those mosquito nets and will save many lives.

    Thank your son for serving the fire department and all the people he has helped. As a volunteer firefighter's wife, they see a lot of danger and spend countless hours away from family and are very rarely thanked or appreciated. I do thank him for his service to his community.

    Thanks for the update, it's always nice.

    By Grace Alone,

  3. Thank you John for helping us here in Fort Collins, you are a blessing. We are now getting LOTS of rain and flooding is an issue. Thank God for firefighters as yourself. Thanks again


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