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Organization Obsession

I have a dear friend whose cupboards are beautifully organized,  much to my envy, I admit.   Finally, I took the plunge to organize my own cupboards and spaces.   The result was a quick addiction...possibly a new obsession.   Once one space was organized,  I felt so much satisfaction and content with it,  I would just go open the door and stare at it, a euphoric glaze in my eye.
My first project was the miscellaneous closet in the bathroom  containing all kinds of herbal remedies,  a plethora of first aid supplies,  and all kinds of other medical stuff.  
Gathering baskets I purchased at the dollar store,  I emptied the random and chaotic mess in the closet.   I then began making groups,  and eventually worked out appropriate smaller groups for the baskets.   The effect so elated me,  I immediately began making plans for the next area.  Like a drug, with just one try, I was hooked.

Next I moved on to the children's bathroom,  where multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face …

Notes on Children's Fall/Winter Clothes

When the cold weather settles in,  we begin to get out all the snuggly, warm clothing I have collected for the children through the year.   I am always on the lookout for wool articles,  homemade sweaters,  flannel lined pants,  quality fleece garments and such.   Knowing the Littles are cozy, warm, and comfortable in chilly weather is a very satisfying thing for me.   I guess I am just a cozy-comfy sort of gal.   Making up the children's beds in  layers of loveliness  for winter is also a joy to me.   I relish the puttering that comes as we prepare for the change of seasons,  it is a kind of nesting that is soothing, relaxing and satisfying.
Some time ago, as we were thrift shopping,  I came across two pairs of used,  hand knit socks.  I thought they were charming, and brought them home.   They have now been through two winters with us, and are still in great shape.   Since we live in  a cold snowy region, we usually purchase a pair of boot or ski socks  for each of the children …

Last Day for John

For the last three years, our oldest son, John, has been largely absent  from all the family doings a good portion of the year.   That is because he has been all over the West States fighting forest fires May to October. 
 As a wild-land firefighter, he is the hero of many.  From Fort Collins, CO, to Billings, MT, to Boise, ID,  and back here in North Idaho,  he has spent many a hot exhausting day this year  fighting the roaring flames that have threatened ranches and homes. 

But, although John has loved this seasonal work,  relished the danger,  the grit and determination the job demands,  and the feeling of making a difference,  today is his last day fire fighting.
As he moves on to a career in gunsmithing,  his hero status will not change here at home.   For we recognize in him that which is harder  than fighting raging forest fires with a 40 pound pack on your back in 100 degree weather.   John has earned his valor by being one of the few young men  who has stood for integrity a…

large family camping

One of the joys of September for all of us here at Providence Lodge  is our annual trek south,  to camp together in a different neck of the woods,  forage for wild fruit,  rest,  and be outside in the gorgeous fall weather.
The setting is so picturesque.   I find the whole adventure quite romantic.

Large family camping includes a fair amount of work, since there is so many people to feed. But, if you know me, you know I am all about food. However, I do want to keep things simple for the most part.   Toasting bagels for breakfast over the open campfire proved to be  a great no mess and no clean up breakfast. Loved that.

A not so simple breakfast, but everyone's favorite meal of the weekend,  is Mr. Hawkin's skillet breakfast  which includes bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, eggs, potatoes, and cheese.   Oh my, yum!

To keep lunches simple,  we prepared easy favorites such as sandwiches and wraps,  and something we call a pub platter- salami, cheese, crackers, apples, and cheese …