Thursday, October 4, 2012

large family camping

One of the joys of September for all of us here at Providence Lodge
 is our annual trek south,
 to camp together in a different neck of the woods,
 forage for wild fruit, 
 and be outside in the gorgeous fall weather.

The setting is so picturesque. 
 I find the whole adventure quite romantic.

Large family camping includes a fair amount of work, since there is so many people to feed.
But, if you know me, you know I am all about food.
However, I do want to keep things simple for the most part.  
Toasting bagels for breakfast over the open campfire proved to be 
a great no mess and no clean up breakfast.
Loved that.

A not so simple breakfast, but everyone's favorite meal of the weekend,
 is Mr. Hawkin's skillet breakfast 
which includes bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, eggs, potatoes, and cheese. 
 Oh my, yum!

To keep lunches simple, 
we prepared easy favorites such as sandwiches and wraps,
 and something we call a pub platter-
salami, cheese, crackers, apples, and cheese spread, an assortment of pickles,
 and cookies, or better yet, pie. 
This is a usual picnic choice for us.

The wraps were not so simple, but truly scrumptious.  
Anna came up with these, and they have become a staple meal through the summer.
Tortillas, spread with cream cheese, and followed with cranberry sauce.
shredded pork sirloin, chicken, or turkey,
chopped peppers and onions,
topped with fresh tomatoes and shredded cheese.

Our dinner menus included Hamburgers, Chili, stew and Hobo dinners
The last is a little more time consuming. 
 I usually pre- chop all my veggies before camping, but not this year.
We threw the foil packets right on the fire to cook, making this a super easy meal to clean up.

In between all the meals, there was fun, lovin, and rest to be had in the warm autumn air.
Having a large family means there is always someone to play or snuggle with,
 and we find that a very good thing!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Our little family went camping for the first time this summer and we just couldn't get enough of being outside in God's lovely.


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