Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Organization Obsession

 I have a dear friend whose cupboards are beautifully organized,
 much to my envy, I admit. 
 Finally, I took the plunge to organize my own cupboards and spaces. 
 The result was a quick addiction...possibly a new obsession.  
Once one space was organized, 
I felt so much satisfaction and content with it,
 I would just go open the door and stare at it, a euphoric glaze in my eye.

My first project was the miscellaneous closet in the bathroom 
containing all kinds of herbal remedies, 
a plethora of first aid supplies, 
and all kinds of other medical stuff.  

Gathering baskets I purchased at the dollar store, 
I emptied the random and chaotic mess in the closet. 
 I then began making groups, 
and eventually worked out appropriate smaller groups for the baskets.  
The effect so elated me, 
I immediately began making plans for the next area. 
Like a drug, with just one try, I was hooked.

Next I moved on to the children's bathroom,
 where multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, and bubble bath
 vied for position on the shower shelves, 
often ending up knocked over and used  liberally by the littles,
 to the horror of the true owners.

  My techy daughter, Rose, found this idea on Pinterest.
  It is working wonderfully.

I bought a tension rod and hung it over the wall side of the tub/shower.
  Back at the dollar store,
 I found baskets with handles and shower curtain rings to hang the baskets on.  
Now each big person has their own basket for their stuff, out of reach to smaller people.

I just had to organize something else, so down to the cellar I went.
Ahhh, (sigh) 
Oh the delight of an organized food storage area.

The 40 gallon cans in the middle of the floor are for big staples
 such as flour, sugar, rice, wheat, and salt.

My most recent little project was the most miserable cupboard in the kitchen.
  The one where everything falls out as soon as you open the door. 
 You probably guessed it,
 the storage container cupboard.
Again Rose came to the rescue with the idea of using a dish drainer for all the lids.
We put them in smallest to largest. 
 Loving this one.

Who knew the sheer joy awaiting the one who organizes!  


  1. Great ideas...

    My bathroom closet is in need. I need to drop by the Dollar Store and find some storage containers!

    It's a wonderful feeling to have it all organized!


  2. Oh Julianne,

    I just quit my job and now I have a whole list of areas that I want to organize and de-clutter. Thank you for the great ideas to help with this task. As with you, I know how easy it is to become mildly-obsessed with this....;)

    Wish me endurance......as I tackle the house......and boy's room :(

    Keep up the good work!!


  3. Dear Kim,
    Sounds very fun. I would begin by emptying the area you are working on, then put it back together, separating items that need to be thrown away, given away, put somewhere else, and then organize what is left. Good luck!

  4. Inspiring! I think I'll use the dish drainer idea for my pot and pan lids and my corning ware. I've been wanting to do something with them for a couple of weeks now. Thanks!

  5. I wish I had the energy to do what you just did. Organize!! Yours looks great.


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