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Our Week At A Glance

Every day battle....

Date With Bethany....

The bliss of afternoon naps....

Resurrection Day worship.....

Daddy prays over girls....

Our Tom Cat..."Half N Half"

A midget super soldier...

Blessings to you- Julianne

SPRING At The Cabin

Beautiful sunshine, warm and gentle is SPRING at last!   The mud has a faint green tinge to it suggesting grass, (how exciting)  and the children think it is surely summer-SOOO warm that they are barefoot and asked if they could go swimming in the pond.  (It is 54 degrees). I said no. So, they donned their mud boots and stomped through puddles,  played with the baby goats,  and had a perfectly marvelous day.

The bigger boys went off gallivanting,  so just us girls here, along with Gabe to keep us company.
We girls are content with little to do outdoors at present, just enjoying the warm sun,  watching Olivia and Gabe play,  chatting about what we would like to plant where this year,  coming vacations, and what to cook for dinner, which goats we will keep, which we will sell,  and all kinds of other girly chatter. Daddy often calls us "SQUIRRELS" since we chatter on so.   (smile)

All the fun in the sun tuckered the littles out. They were quick to nod off at nap …

Little Woodsmen Pocket Dump

My Little Woodsmen have a pretty standard daily dress and gear they carry.

 makes up a large part of the boys wardrobe,
 as well as Carhardt, Wrangler, Wool, and BOGS. But, a belt  and pockets to hold all the necessities is the real must have...
although each of the boys also have a full possibles bag they take on all woodsy adventures.

 or Every Day Carry
is a big deal around here.   What a man has in his pocket  ( or a woman in her purse)  may save his life.   We believe that a little preparedness goes a long ways.    Being prepared teaches resourcefulness,
ingenuity and situational awareness,
competence and readiness.

With that in mind,  we are training them up the way they should go.... and that way includes a pocket knife as well as other "just in case" items of importance.

We are that kind of people.

The kind where any random day for the boys
 may include cooking an unfortunate rabbit for lunch.

(But then, when they come inside for afternoon tea, they m…