Friday, April 4, 2014

SPRING At The Cabin

Beautiful sunshine, warm and gentle is SPRING at last! 
 The mud has a faint green tinge to it suggesting grass, (how exciting)
 and the children think it is surely summer-SOOO warm that they are barefoot and asked if they could go swimming in the pond.  (It is 54 degrees).
I said no.
So, they donned their mud boots and stomped through puddles,
 played with the baby goats,
 and had a perfectly marvelous day.

The bigger boys went off gallivanting, 
so just us girls here, along with Gabe to keep us company.

We girls are content with little to do outdoors at present, just enjoying the warm sun,
 watching Olivia and Gabe play, 
chatting about what we would like to plant where this year, 
coming vacations, and what to cook for dinner, which goats we will keep, which we will sell,
 and all kinds of other girly chatter.
Daddy often calls us "SQUIRRELS" since we chatter on so.

All the fun in the sun tuckered the littles out.
They were quick to nod off at nap time today.
Gabe was so sweet here I just had to snap a picture to capture the moment..
he is growing so fast, and will soon be one of the big boys.
..just cherishing the time now that he is still 
somewhat little.

Happy Spring To You!


  1. Delightful!

    Beautiful, happy Mama, beautiful, happy children!


  2. Deanna,
    :) the two go together, huh? I am constantly aware of how much influence my attitudes have over the children! Has spring sprung flowers in your yard? I am afraid there are no flowers to be seen here, and won't be for weeks, just mud. It is hard not be envious of those first beautiful buds on other peoples blogs. :-)


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