Thursday, April 3, 2014

Little Woodsmen Pocket Dump

My Little Woodsmen have a pretty standard daily dress and gear they carry.

 makes up a large part of the boys wardrobe,
 as well as Carhardt, Wrangler, Wool, and BOGS.
But, a belt  and pockets to hold all the necessities is the real must have...
although each of the boys also have a full possibles bag they take on all woodsy adventures.

 or Every Day Carry
is a big deal around here.  
What a man has in his pocket
 ( or a woman in her purse) 
may save his life.  
We believe that a little preparedness goes a long ways.  
 Being prepared teaches resourcefulness,
ingenuity and situational awareness,
competence and readiness.

With that in mind,
 we are training them up the way they should go....
and that way includes a pocket knife as well as other "just in case" items of importance.

We are that kind of people.

The kind where any random day for the boys
 may include cooking an unfortunate rabbit for lunch.

(But then, when they come inside for afternoon tea, they must be gentlemen, you know.
Sort of, like Swiss Family Robinson meets Pride and Prejudice.)

Just out of curiosity, I randomly called for a pocket dump the other day,
which I do occasionally for fun and amusement.
Here is what we found-


Joe carries a KA Bar, wallet, lighters, and multi tool.  He also has a hatchet on his belt.


Ben has an Altoids can with matches, fish hooks, whistle, band aids, and cotton balls.
  He also has a Swiss army knife, a pocket knife, and a boot knife.


Jim carries an Altoids can with a fishing kit in it,
 he also has a hand warmer, a Swiss army knife,
wallet (with a full Dutch Brothers Card in it, he informed me)
 an antler handled flint and steel, a pocket knife, a fixed blade and some matches. 
 Jim too carries a hatchet on his belt.


Gabe carries a whistle in his Altoids can, and a vintage Luke Skywalker in his pocket everyday.
He declined a pocket dump today, feeling rather grumpy, which is very out of character for him.

It is a beautiful sunny spring day,
and the boys are excited to get their school work and chores done so they can do the important stuff.. identify what sort of R.O.U.S is in the big pond,
 and try to discover the whereabouts of the Canadian Geese nest - staying a safe distance so as to not endanger them.
 Then, too, there is the daily observation of birds and their songs,
 and general romping through the woods.
I will hear all about it come 3:00, when I serve tea and  snack for the children,
 gathering the little ones in to get scrubbed up clean and have a nap.

Ah, the beauties of our redneck life!

Blessings To You,


  1. Sounds like a great life for boys! I'd love to hear about your girls' day too!


  2. Wonderful post Julianne. I enjoyed every moment of it, from the boys and the looks on their faces to the pocket finds. Aah boys! I miss seeing what my boys had in their pockets every day. Enjoy them!

  3. Betsy, I have found such interesting things in those boys pockets, live frogs, dead frogs, plastic frogs, rocks.....boys are such fun!!


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