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Amish Bran Muffins in July

July means swimming in the pond,  which in turn, means the fence is bedecked continually with swim gear. July also brings breakfast on the porch, usually with granola or muffins.   Our favorite muffin recipe comes from an Amish cookbook,  but we have tweaked it just a tad, so I will share it here.   I hope you try them, they are really outstanding.   Don't let the title "BRAN MUFFIN" deceive you! 

These moist, flavorful muffins make a huge amount of dough that can stay in the frig for weeks.                   I love that aspect, since then it is sooo easy to make a quick breakfast in the morning.
I also favor this recipe because it is a large enough batch to make a dozen Texas size muffins  and still have dough for another baking in a week. If ya all don't have a Texas size muffin pan, you need to get one-- or two.   It is that special touch that takes a muffin from "good" to spectacular.   Trust me.  Buy one.

I have to tell you a funny story about this parti…

Around The Homestead: St. John's Wart

Thunder is rumbling across the mountains this afternoon, it has been a stifling hot day.   Thankfully,we only have a few of these 90-some degree days per year.   Earlier, as a scattered shower cooled things off a bit,  I eagerly sought my way out of doors to pick the fully bloomed St. John's Wart.   It grows all over the place here.  I had noted on my walk the other day that it was nearly ready to be gathered in and hung to dry. This winter we will make tea of the blossoms, added to our mint and chocolate mint,  making a Happy Winter Tea, as I call it.   St. John's Wart is known for aiding depression,  (it is common to get a little low with our 5 months of winter here)  and... well,  I have always thought of mint as being a happy flavor and smell. 

 Other goodness growing on our homestead.....  the goats, getting fat on rich grass, abundant brush, and prolific tree limbs.   We stake them out in new locals each day, since we lack proper fencing for a pasture.

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Woodland Warfare

Joseph just turned 15.  Amazing!   The time has flown since we brought him home from the hospital to join his older three siblings!  
Here he is now,  a big, strapping manly fellow,  a good friend, a leader, a hard worker,  a delightful son.  
His greatest longing for his birthday  was to invite 17 friends over to play woodland warfare with him. (paintball, you know)
At the end of the day,  despite his amiable nature,  he had shot them all in the head--at least once. 
You may not find this quite as humerus if you are redneck deficient....for us, it was great fun!

Joseph filled his big brother's shoes nicely,  leaving  some battle scarred,  (which is quite a trophy to be proud of, by the way)

...and all in awe of his extra long barreled Tipman.   

Boys practicing to be heroes, competing to be the last man  standing.... ....this is the good stuff for young  rednecks....  a day to be proud of, to tell stories of for years to come- -the day he shot his cousin in the wrist and made hi…