Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Around The Homestead: St. John's Wart

Thunder is rumbling across the mountains this afternoon, it has been a stifling hot day. 
 Thankfully,we only have a few of these 90-some degree days per year. 
 Earlier, as a scattered shower cooled things off a bit,
 I eagerly sought my way out of doors to pick the fully bloomed St. John's Wart. 
 It grows all over the place here.
 I had noted on my walk the other day that it was nearly ready to be gathered in and hung to dry.
This winter we will make tea of the blossoms, added to our mint and chocolate mint,
 making a Happy Winter Tea, as I call it. 
 St. John's Wart is known for aiding depression,
 (it is common to get a little low with our 5 months of winter here) 
and... well, 
I have always thought of mint as being a happy flavor and smell. 

 Other goodness growing on our homestead.....
 the goats, getting fat on rich grass, abundant brush, and prolific tree limbs.
  We stake them out in new locals each day, since we lack proper fencing for a pasture.

We have four raised beds in which are growing lots of squash, several tomatoes,
 carrots (just barely up) and potatoes. 
 I am so thankful that, so far, the deer have stayed away.
It is not much, but it is a start, I keep telling myself.

The strawberry patch is doing well for it's first year. 
The berries are sooo scrumptious!
Nothing tastes better than homegrown/ homemade food!

Mint too, is ready to harvest for winter teas.
 That is on my "to do" list, still. 
 Usually a job for the younger children, but they are indoors (making huge sleeping bag forts)
 hiding from the heat today.
 Jim has taken over Anna's herb garden. 
 In it's third year, it is coming along quite well. 
 The garden contains mostly culinary and medicinal herbs,
 but Jim planted several hundred perennial seeds this year to add beauty and color.
So far, we have sage, mullen, horseradish, mint, chocolate mint, tarragon, lavender, and chives for our herbs. I would love to get some echinacia and fever few.
Perhaps next year.

The meadows are brimming with daisies, which makes me happy happy happy!
Don't you think daisies are a happy flower?
  I do like to keep fresh flowers on the book table,
 and I will beg, borrow, or, um, yes, steal (from a vacant homestead) if I must...
but this time I didn't, since they are abundantly everywhere.

And what does our family do here when it is 97 degrees out?
Why, legos while listening to the Man From Snowy River soundtrack,
 dress up, card games, playing with the new kittens,
 and reading, of course!

From our homestead in the woods to yours,

Blessings This Day!


  1. We've had really hot weather too, but I believe we will be much cooler and less humid for the next few days.

    Your gardens look good - I do have feverfew and echinacea, but not many of the other herbs you have. I did plant mint this year, but I think someone 'weeded' it! :( In the past we have grown cilantro, and parsley. I have trouble growing lavender….it is a learning process, isn't it?


  2. It was 102 on our back deck in the shade today in Spokane. I am definitely ready for a bit cooler weather.
    I enjoyed your post today with the all of the plants and photos. Your gardens look lovely.


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