Monday, July 14, 2014

Woodland Warfare

Joseph just turned 15.
 The time has flown since we brought him home from the hospital to join his older three siblings!  

Here he is now,
 a big, strapping manly fellow,
 a good friend, a leader, a hard worker,
 a delightful son.  

His greatest longing for his birthday 
was to invite 17 friends over to play woodland warfare with him.
(paintball, you know)

At the end of the day,
 despite his amiable nature,
 he had shot them all in the head--at least once. 

You may not find this quite as humerus if you are redneck deficient....for us, it was great fun!

Joseph filled his big brother's shoes nicely, 
leaving  some battle scarred, 
(which is quite a trophy to be proud of, by the way)

...and all in awe of his extra long barreled Tipman.   

Boys practicing to be heroes, competing to be the last man  standing....
....this is the good stuff for young  rednecks.... 
a day to be proud of, to tell stories of for years to come-
-the day he shot his cousin in the wrist and made him bleed...."ya, that was awesome!"

They all loved it, returning to the porch in between rounds with huge grins on their faces. 
 Gabe and I were bystanders on the porch listening to the battle sounds echoing form the woods.
  I can't believe I did not get a picture of Gabe in his camo, face paint, the works. 
 He was as excited as the rest of them, just waaaay  more cute!

As for Joe,
 he had so much fun shooting his friends that he is already making plans
 for the next time.


  1. Fun stuff, Julianne.

    Several of our kids, including daughters, have played with a group from our church. My oldest daughter, used to love to be a sniper for her team!

    Happy birthday to your son!


  2. Deanna,
    it is just so sad we are not neighbors!!

  3. Boys will be boys! Our sons also played paintball when they were younger. I think it teaches them skills they will need in life.
    Redneck life is the greatest!


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