Friday, December 22, 2006

Work Ethic

In June of 2006, log walls emerged taller and taller with every week.
Hard work throughout the summer found Julianne and the 7 children clearing the woods next to the house, making brush piles and stacks of firewood out of the forest debris.
Even two year old Benjamin toddled back and forth with a stick to throw on the growing pile.

Our children's work ethic was strengthened as we plowed through the dense forest together,
creating beauty out of a tangled mess.
We set ourselves a small areas to tackle, working about four hours each day.
The motivation of accomplishing our task kept us cheerful,
and when we tired,
mama encouraged all on for the final surge with a promise of ice cream when we got home!
The children were so proud of their work.
It was easy to go to work the next day because we all wanted our forest to be a place to play and view the abundant deer and occasional moose that wander about.

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