Wednesday, January 31, 2007

winter blues

The rafters were in place with only a few weeks before the bad weather set in for good.
The process of bringing each rafter to a level position (each rafter touches three different logs... uneven logs, I might add) working 36 feet in the air on icy ladder rungs was daunting. 
In good weather Brian was able to level four sets of rafters (eight individual rafters). This slowed down to two sets in an 8 hour day when it got icy.

Currently, half of the 26 sets of rafters are leveled and strapped. 
Our hope of getting the roof on before winter just wasn’t meant to be. So we are trusting that come spring, work will continue, and praying for only minimal damage to the exposed rafters. 
It has been quite stressful to leave the house in this condition over the winter. Likely one or two more weeks of good weather and we would have gotten the sheeting on.
Lesson learned….work hard in the spring if at all possible (we were waiting on equipment) and leave plenty of room to finish project before fall rains make ladders too dangerous to work on.
In all this process, Brian and Julianne have seen the hand of God guiding and providing in an abundant way. Here is an example of God’s providence: A man from the church knew of a fellow who was remodeling his kitchen, and had the entire kitchen of oak cabinets for sale. These were available to purchase for $500. A kitchen sink, bathroom sink and claw foot bathtub were also located for around $150 total. Interior doors, multiple windows, 1x4 cedar tongue and groove, a commercial gas 6 burner oven (much to the delight of Julianne), and 6 boxes of 12 x 12 ceramic tile were also given or obtained for next to nothing. 

Most recently, a man in the church bought a high lift crane at auction just so we could use it to finish up the house without having to wait on the for-hire one to be available! The list of such blessings is indeed long, and keeps growing.
How good our God is!

Brian and Julianne have a vision for Providence Lodge being a multigenerational home for their family,

a respite for weary missionaries,
an open door of hospitality to traveling home school families, 
and perhaps, in the future, a haven for wayward children. 
Here is a current photo of the house. 
Beautiful Idaho!!

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  1. I see it finished! I can just imagine the smoke rising from the chimney, as we gather around the cookstove, enjoying each other's company. Cups of hot tea helping to ward off the chill of winter. Next year...


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