Thursday, February 15, 2007

Planning Ahead

Warm rains have taken all our snow away bringing on the spring breakup. Although it is only February, and we can typically expect snow until April, this weather has gotten me to thinking spring. Brian and I sat down for a thorough brain storming/organizing meeting regarding the building of our house. How on earth are we going to get everything done before next winter?!!! We plotted each task out, detailing how long it should (most likely) take. Week by week we have a schedule of events that will take us from the first week of April to our goal date of moving in the first week of November. All the dates are tentative, and we realize there will need to be some flexibility, but, ya know, if you don't have a target; you don't know where to aim.
April will open with rafters, blocking, sheeting and roof metal. Mama and the girls have jobs outlined for each month, such as staining all the flooring before it is installed, chinking and painting. Speaking of chinking, we will be hosting a chinking party or two or three, possibly four(it is a big house) throughout the summer. I am planning on the little boys running through the woods the majority of the time we are all working out at the property together, and the baby(now almost 11 months old) toddling around not helping, but looking cute non the less. Joseph is ready with his very own tool belt (he's 7) and we are counting on a man's days work from our oldest, John. There will be help from friends and neighbors all along the way, thank the Lord, and our hearts are hopeful that we will be enjoying fellowship with brothers and sisters in a finished lodge a year from now.

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