Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life With Boys

 Life with boys is always interesting, 
mostly messy and involving dirt,
and often times what my husband calls a "character building opportunity." 
Whether I am doing dishes and find a T-Rex in the suds, 
or getting in bed only to discover an army
of tiny plastic soldiers poking me everywhere, 
or getting a drink and nearly swallowing a lego man in my water,
life with boys (mostly) makes me smile.

Most of the wounds in our home have been on the boys. 
Today we are dressing a 3rd degree burn on Ben's hand from touching the wood stove
and doctoring a "cold sore" on Gabe's ugly mess. 
I think first aid training should be a prerequisite for having a boy.
  Long ago we realized the need to have a good medical kit on hand
to glue them up and send them back into battle.
  We purchased a burn kit, thank heavens, which we have used several times,
I highly recommend it.. especially if you have boys.
The sore on Gabe's finger is healing nicely with goldenseal powder and open air,
rather than covered. 

Raising 5 boys has been the single biggest factor to becoming a woman of prayer.
Not only do I pray their protection from themselves,
but that God would use them to build His kingdom.
  Our purpose, to raise a godly generation, keeps me praying, praying, praying for their souls,
their character, and their mother.
  As our entire society slides into Gomorrah, the need for godly,
intelligent men of honor and integrity is vast. 
Who else will lead the next generation if we are not faithful with our little men now,
today, this hour? 
Most young men in our culture are not growing up. 
Idle, playing video games more hours than they work or read or do anything productive,
they are soft, unwilling to suffer, afraid to lead, and given to indulge their passions. 

Ultimately, our purpose and prayer is that we raise up these boys spotless in purity,
rich in grace, full of good character and well rounded, 
thoughtful, tenacious, and most importantly, to be apt to deny themselves. 
My daughter recently asked several men what they thought the most important quality 
a young man should attain,
every one said: self discipline. 
Young men should learn to give up their own wishes for the sakes of others,
to do without, to sacrifice for a good cause.
It will be a hard task to raise such men, but then, nothing worth doing was ever easy.
These boys are arrows, a heritage from the Lord, given to carry the gospel on to the next generation.
Therefore my prayer is this:

"Lord give me wisdom to raise each one with the knowledge of a loving Savior. 
Guide me, O Lord, that my boys may know your saving grace and the power of the Resurrection.  Protect each one and keep them from harm. 
Give me the wisdom to make the right choices that will glorify You and develop solid values for the rest of their lives. 
And Father, let my life be an example of unconditional love that only you can give."
-An invitation to Prayer for Mothers, by Jack Countryman

If you don't hear from me for a few days you will know where I am. 
I have 5 boys to raise, so there is much work to be done. 
Thankfully, the Lord is merciful and gracious,
and will strengthen us for the task.


  1. You are doing such an important work! It cannot be measured this side of eternity! Oh, how we need more Mamas like you! :)

  2. I know this an old post - but I found your blog by accident several days ago and have been reading the whole thing! I am this far! I have wanted to comment on nearly every post! I agree!

    I decided to let this be my first comment, as my 17 year old daughter recently wrote a neat message stating that she ( and her 19 year old sister) want to marry men and are tired of the young men they know acting like boys - playing video games etc...they are wondering where are all the young men who want to raise a family and serve the Lord!

    I am thankful for families like yours - it gives us encouragement that we are not alone!



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