Wednesday, December 7, 2011

18 Roses

  I prayed that we would make it to the hospital safely, 
as the little car raced along the snowy road. 
My husband was driving,
too fast,
but something in him told him there was not much time.  
Thankfully, there was not any traffic in the middle of the night. 
We had called ahead and they met us at the emergency room door with a wheelchair.
  Loud groaning told the nurse the situation was bad, and they wheeled me to a room, 
where I was helped up to get on the hospital bed.
  It was then that my water broke and very shortly after, our daughter was born.
That was 18 years ago today.

Who would have thought that that little chubby baby with the extra long eyelashes 
would grow into such a fine woman in only 18 years? 
Who would have known that God's hand of
mercy and grace
would be upon her from the age of three, when His spirit took up residence?
 Who would have guessed 
that she would become a tremendous blessing to so many
as she grew into a woman?

It has been a wonderful journey with our daughter Anna Grace,
and we had a magnificent celebration last night with family and friends. 

Anna was given meaningful gifts from family. 
Gifts for her hope chest, 
such as green depression glass that has been in the family for four generations. 

She is going to have to get a storage shed soon, we tease her, 
for her hope chest is full and overflowing all over her room.

 Anna had plenty of helpers at hand to unwrap gifts.

Brian and I wanted to make this birthday meaningful for Anna. 
Through her teen years, we have given  her symbols of her journey to womanhood
such as a purity necklace, a hope chest, a study Bible. 

Now was the time to complete these symbolic gifts
by giving her a foot washing bowl and pitcher 
as an expression of honoring her spiritual gift of service 
and a means and reminder to carry her servant hearted nature
to her future husband and family someday. 

The highlight of the evening
was the moment that daddy got down on one knee
and gave her 18 pink roses,
each tagged with a message of affirmation to the godly virtues and character
we see manifest in her life.
  Brian handed each individual rose to her as he read the affirmation.

We wrapped up the evening with chocolate cheesecake,
which was just heavenly.

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain; but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.  
Give her the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates." 
Prov. 31:10,30,31

Blessings to you, Anna, on this day.
I love  you.


  1. Beautiful!

    What a precious way to welcome a daughter to adulthood!


  2. Awww! What a wonderful way to celebrate her special day! Thank you for sharing this! Happy Birthday Anna!!!

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful! You really know how to make birthdays meaningful, not just another day of getting stuff you don't really need.

    I have always been a fan of making memories as the best way to celebrate special events like birthdays, much more than giving/receiving gifts, but you manage to incorporate both and that is just wonderful.

    I absolutely love the idea about the 18 roses with 18 messages of affirmation.

  4. So beautiful, Julianne! Thank you for this glimpse into a priceless celebration and ceremony for a lovely daughter. I rejoice with you in this joy--of seeing the fruit of God's grace ripen in your family. Glorious.

  5. How sweet! Reading this made me tear up--partly because it's simply beautiful to see a family interact with each other in this way, and partly because we are pregnant with our first girl (who will be welcomed by four big brothers!) and I can envision my husband treating this new little princess so gallantly, too. What a blessing to have a daughter, and your Anna Grace is an inspiration to me!

  6. How beautiful! What a blessing to be a part of a godly family! You are an encouragement to our family!
    Tammy Fowler


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