Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Heart, Captured

Her dimpled little hand pats my cheek.  My eyes won't open. 
Not yet, please, not yet, I beg.
The hand circles my face, first this way, then that while she exclaims, "oooooooo."
I smile.
My eyes open and I look into the chubby face so near it is blurry.
  She smiles back at me.
"Goodmorning, Olivia"  I say.  She responds with a hug.  She pats my back. 
She is mimicking me,
and alhtough my body is telling me it is not ready to be awake,
I think to myself, this is the perfect way to wake up.

Then, she puckers up big for a good morning kiss.
No  longer does it matter that she wouldn't go to sleep last night.  
No longer am I begrduging her the huge fit she threw at the dinner table yesterday, 
or the fact that it is well before 7 am and I am sure I am not fully human until after 7 am.

She is nurturing me, patting my back, cirling my face with her sweet little hands.
Who can resist such love?  Such utter cuteness?

She has captured my heart. 


  1. She is clearly loved by the way that she cherishes you! She mimics the love she sees and it just melts us big folks! Our little ones are so humbling, aren't they?

  2. Thank you for little one does the same and far too many mornings I've greeted her with irritation...your words have pierced my heart and caused me to consider the blessing that she is to me.

    A.C. Koelln


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