Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Day Journal

These past days  have been normal, full, lovely days, 
so much like each other that it is hard to remember which day was what. 
 Snow has been softly falling most everyday. 
 The wood cook stove is a charming and useful addition, 
we are so thankful to have it up and running on these cold, single digit mornings.
 So far, I have baked bread and cooked chicken in the oven, 
and several things on the stove top. 

 Brian fixed my rocker and it now sits next to the wood cook stove, a nice warm place to read aloud to the children from our current history book, 
"The Light and The Glory", by Peter Marshall and David Manuel,
 as my students take notes and listen at the table.
  We are reading about the Puritans, which I find fascinating and inspiring. 
 Cotton Mather and John Winthrop's lives are some of the most extraordinary examples of godly men I have ever read. Every day I look forward to our history reading, 
and in between times I may read the chapter a second time.
  I do hope that a by product of my enthusiasm 
will be that the love of history become contagious to the children. 
 That would be most wonderful.

I recently picked up some modeling clay for the boys, 
and they will create with that, or help Rose make beads while we are listening to
 the "Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy", from Vision Forum.
(although it looks as though it is currently unavailable there)
 We have both sets of lectures, which we like equally well.  
  This week, we have been listening, and re listening,
 to Howard Philips talk on  Constitutional Presidency
 as well as Paul Jehle on a Christian Constitution, 
and Larry Pratt on the Second Amendment.
 If law and public policy sound boring, perhaps a more enticing title would be 
"How to wear your freedom, liberty and gun in the 21st century."  
Truly, these lectures are invaluable.

Our days are not all study and no fun, 
for where there are preschoolers, there is bound to be much entertainment, 
and our dinner table is always a gathering of much merriment.
We were talking at  dinner the other night about what we wanted to be when we grow up. 
 Ben said he wants to be a farmer. 
 This is quite understandable, since we just finished reading Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  Ben and Almanzo have something in common: 
 they are both endless pits when it comes to eating!
  Bethany chimed in that she plans on being a princess when she grows up,
 then Gabe excitedly announced that when he grows up, 
he is going to be a dinosaur! 
Just one more reason in my little book of why I love toddlers. 
I have just begun keeping a notebook of all the hilarious things they do and say. 
 Better late than never, I reason.
 I was recently musing that one day they will all be grown up,
 and there will be no more plastic soldiers sniping from the centerpiece on the table.
  No more legos embedded in my candles, 
and a lack of dinosaurs in the bathtub.  
These are the things that I cherish in our home now, 
causing a smile to spread across my face every time I see them. 
 Truly, the older I get the more I appreciate the marks of having little ones present,
 the more I enjoy the little years, finding thier cuteness simply irresistible.

Today, we have sunshine, although it is quite cold.  
The fire is crackling right now, warming up the soup saved over for lunch.
In a bit, our studies will be done and we will get on with our spring cleaning, 
which has been going on all week.
It is a little early, but one must jump on it when the mood strikes! 
Then all the olders will be gone to church,
 and the little ones and myself will have an evening by ourselves, 
 which will likely consist of racing around and around the house in a convoy of strollers, little cars and tricycles, our usual game of charades, in which Gabe is ALWAYS a dinosaur (smile),
 then a story and early to bed,
 just the way I like it, for by 7:30 I start looking at the clock wondering that it is not midnight.

My prayer today, besides the usual, "O,GOD HELP ME!" is this: 
"May the Lord fill me with His grace, wisdom and patience, 
that I may endeavor to teach and disciple these children he has given us care of,
 for His glory and His kingdom."

Grace and peace be to you this day, 

from our neck of the woods to you.


  1. Beauty in every thought, today Julianne!

    So thankful for a rich sisterhood of Christian wives and mothers....


  2. Hello Julianne I have been reading your letters with joy for a few months. I too raised many children and remember those times with love. My children are older now but still need parenting from time to time.
    I am happy to see your family enjoying the new wood stove, but want to warn you about propping feet on the open door. This can cause the hinges to break eventually, especially since the doors are heavy and sometimes accidentally dropped. If your husband can make a metal hinged metal leg that drops down when it is open, it can save your door hinges. Keep warm! Linna

  3. Oh the feet on the stove door is funny. Reminds me of my 18 years old with his feet on the front of the pellet stove. :) Love those boys!!

    Thanks for the update and the good news about your stove. I'm glad it's providing warmth and good healthy food for you and your family.

    Have a blessed week.

    By Grace Alone,


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