Thursday, August 2, 2012

These Long Summer Days

These long summer days,
filled with pleasurable activities,
are each celebrated for the glorious memory making moment that they are;
whether shelling peas together on the porch,
partaking of a bountiful picnic in a park,
strolling through the grass on a lovely evening, 
having special "help" from Olivia with the baking,
 or admiring the beautiful Idaho countryside.

Some days are filled work work and sweat, 
as we work to improve our yard and landscape the old fashioned -by hand- way.
Even in our dirt covered efforts, 
there is something so satisfying and contented about summer. 
 It is time to do the random,
 to hold a loose pace, 
to linger in the fading sunlight even though the dishes and goats are waiting.
There is something so leisurely, so relaxed... making the long days welcome.

We are relishing in it.  Glorying in it.
Some days really productive, others quite lazy.
The busy season of harvest and schooling will soon be upon us,
 so for now, 
every moment of these summer days
 is to be enjoyed to the fullest.

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  1. Always love your posts. They often inspire and challenge me. This one brings back memories of my childhood/youth years: swimming at the river till dark, working in the garden, eating apples sitting in the tree with a salt shaker, family suppers, sitting on the porch looking at the stars and hearing stories of the grandparents' childhoods, bare feet, warm dirt, did I mention hoeing, weeding?, reading books under a shady tree, wading in the creek, walking to the barn in the early morning autumn mist. It always seemed like those days would never end, but for sure, leaves dropped and one morning there was frost. Your children will have such lovely memories, too.


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