Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Very Romantic Wedding

November 24th will ever be etched in our memory
 as a most romantic, meaningful wedding celebration.
Scott and Anna were joined in holy matrimony at 4 pm in a candlelit sanctuary
among more than 200 guests.
Here is a glimpse of that beautiful sacred day.
The crowning day of life for Scott and Anna.

The ceremony began with the bride and groom's mothers lighting candles
to the sweet and gentle music from "Pride and Prejudice,"
 106 candles
 illuminate the sanctuary with soft tranquil glow that set the stage
for vows taken with deepest joy,
 not loud and hilarious,
 but in quiet and solemn gladness, with reverence.

The Handsome Captain walked down the isle with his granddad.
                     Then came the bridal party walking in to the theme from "Pride and Predjudice."

And here comes the bride to a rush of music, "Liz on top of the world."

The groom never looked more radiant.
 He is fully aware that this is the first day of God's own ideal of completeness for him.
The married life is meant to be the happiest, fullest, purest, richest life.
This occasion of highest felicity is not lost on him.
Oh no.  If ever a groom understood and embraced such thoughts, it is he.

Mentors gather around the couple and pray blessings upon them.
They realize that this is no mere human arrangement.
The stamp of Divine intention and ordination is upon it.

The bride's daddy officiates, calling the love struck couple to pay attention.
 During the vows, the father/pastor brings out a heart necklace,
 given to Anna when she was 12,
 a symbol of her giving her heart to her daddy to keep until God's man came along. 
The intention was at that time years ago, to give the necklace to her groom,
 and so, fighting down great emotion, Brian gave the necklace to Scott.
He then explained the model of biblical love, (outlined in 1 Corinthians 13)
 that is unconditional, 
servant hearted and unselfish. 
Practicing these virtues brings so many possibilities of happiness, 
of growth, 
of nobleness of character,
 of heroism in living,
 of tender romance in loving. 
The result is that of deep peace, 
quiet joy
 and inseparable affection....
that only grows sweeter and sweeter over the years.

 Anna's grandfather, also a pastor, pronounced the happy pair man and wife.
  These two, who disciplined themselves to save their First Kiss for this very moment,
 before God and man, sealed their courtship and began their wedded life together 
in a long anticipated kiss,
 to cheers and clapping from the wedding guests.

The purport and significance of the night was far from over,
 however, as upon entering the reception, 
the groom washes the bride's feet in a very stirring act of service representing the servant leader.
 Music from the BBC movie North and South, "Northbound Train" provided the perfect serenade.
   As the song swelled and the minutes passed, wordlessly, Scott proclaimed his love for Anna,
 the love that he is called to by God to mimic as Christ loved the church and gave up his life for her. 
 In his expression and eyes were the solemn intention of a man to assume the gentle, 
delicate confiding love of his young wife into his keeping, 
to cherish her,
 to bless her,
 to shelter her, 
and wholeheartedly serve her,
 until death do they part.
 For many, this was the single most memorable part of the occasion. 
 Witnesses overcome with emotion wiped their eyes all over the room, all in good company..
.and gazed on as the couple had their first dance.
They dance to the Butterfly Waltz by Brian Crain.

An effusive Father cut in and taking his daughter's hand 
danced gracefully to "When Daddy says I'm Beautiful" by Annie Moses.

Brian and I both shed many a tear during the whole event, but, we do not cry in mourning, as he later said, but for pure joy. 
 This is what we raised her for...this is the goal met,
 and met well. 
 Tears may fall, but they are tears of happiness for her,
 and for our new son, Scott, who, by the way,
 we could not possibly love more.

Salads, yams, and fresh made bread were all brought by loving friends 
to round out a
 Providence lodge
 style meal of Venison Roast and special homemade mustard.

We were so blessed to have cake made by a loving neighbor,
and help from numerous
 friends and family through out the day 
who joyfully pulled together their resources 
to make this day the happiest, most blessed occasion it could be.

 If anything is worth a great deal of work and effort, 
it is a wedding.
 This, the second most important day of a person's life, 
a covenant taken before God and man, 
the bringing of two lives together as one...oh man is it worth it!

Now they go to begin their journey...
two hearts throbbing as one, 
two souls joined for the glory of God.
 Wishing them all the love and joy married life offers.
With Christ as their focus, 
they surely will live
Happily Ever After.


  1. Congratulations to the happy couple and their families! How beautiful! My husband and I were married on November 24, 2001 :)

  2. This made me cry happy tears. The purity of their courtship is beautiful. You write so wonderfully, Julianne. Congratulations Scott and Anna!

  3. Oh my...such a beautiful wedding. I wish them both happiness and joy. May God walk every step with them.

  4. Oh, how I've been waiting to see this beautiful day in pictures and words that I know you're family had been dreaming of and working toward. So glad it turned out so special!

  5. Such a beautiful ceremony. Thank you for sharing your daughter's special day with us all. I have been wondering how it all turned out, now I know.


  6. Beautiful wedding, yes. May the Lord bless them, al the days. I love the 'voetwassing'. ( washing - feets ?)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    I agree that the work for a wedding is worth it - what a stunning wedding....

    Loved reading Anna's post about it too!

    Borrowing ideas for the future.


  8. How absolutely beautiful! *happy sigh*

    I've been waiting for this post, and it was delightful to read all about the wedding and see the lovely pictures, too.

    Thank you for sharing this gem with us! :)

  9. So beautiful...thank you for sharing!!

  10. Beautiful indeed. I have been here before, and left a response... I did take note that the wedding was to take place in November. Yes, with Christ at the center, they will surely live happily ever after, here on earth, and for all eternity as well. Rejoicing with you and your family.


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