Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Beauty of the Lord

This week in my Time Alone with God
I have been stumped by a verse that caught my attention. 
For days I have been pondering it's meaning and application in my life. 
I am not sure I am done pondering, or have figured it out with any wisdom, 
but I will pass on the thought and perhaps set you to pondering along with me.

"Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us, yes, establish the work of our hands."  Psalm 90:17

The beauty of the Lord, hmm. 
My mind is trying to wrap itself around what that looks like in daily life, 
and what it has to do with our daily work,
the mundane tasks that we have before us.

My commentary says that  the word "beauty" implies God's delight, 
approval and favor.
  I can accept that, and want that, 
but how does that relate to our work? 
I am still thinking this through. 
For some reason, it seems important to me to understand this concept
that completes Moses' thoughts concerning an eternal God verses a frail man.
I cannot seem to get "on the same page" as Moses here,
yet it is such a lovely statement, a prayer really, so I seek. 

And that is a good place for me to remain,
to be seeking what is God's beauty in my life,
where is it, how it flows in connection with the work of my hands,
my children's hands, our hands. 
Yes, establish the work of our hands.


  1. I feel as though I have been to dinner with a wonderful family and left with a wonderful Word of God to ponder upon.

    Thank you!

    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. I feel like I just ate dinner in your home! Oh, wait a minute... I DID!! (Big smile).

    Thank you for a wonderful, fabulous week!

    :) Gina


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