Monday, November 23, 2009

Where Logs and Sheetrock Meet

When we framed up the walls inside the lodge we were a bit puzzled as to how we would make a nice looking transition from the log walls to the dry wall. Scribing the dry wall around all the logs seemed pretty time consuming, but fortunately, a great alternative showed up on our door step. A family down the road about an hour is building the same house as ours, on the exterior, anyway. They came over to see how we did our chinking, and invited us to come and see thier house. They have a relative who is a builder doing most of their house, and he has a fabulous saw that is just for making cutbacks into log walls. And, since they love Jesus too, they graciously allowed us to use thier saw. It is a cut back saw and this is how it works:

The saw evenly slides along the framed wall to make a groove in the log wall just big enough to allow the dry wall. Once it is cut, it is very easy to chisel out the groove.

As you can see, the finished product looks great, with much less effort than scribing would have taken.

You can do this in a very similar fashion with a chain saw carving bar which is available at Bailey's online store. The short more pointed bar makes cuting grooves and trimming easier.

As you can see from the pics, things are looking very homey. Once Thanksgiving is over, we will address finishing the floor, then pick up work on the second and third floors.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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