Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Betsy Knits

I need to learn to knit. 
 I have a rapidly growing love of all things hand knit, 
especially socks. 
 I tried to convince my daughter to learn to knit, then she could knit socks for me, 
but that hasn't worked so far. 
 I guess I am just going to have to buckle down and get it figured out. 

 In the meantime, we were blessed by a sweet lady who made socks for us. 

 I had the opportunity to meet this industrious woman, Betsy, 
whom has become a great inspiration to me, and I am sure, to you too after you read this.

 Betsy was in the process of knitting 160 pairs of mittens and hats 
for the under-privileged children of a local grade school!!! 
 Not only that, but she knit hundreds of hats that she sent to Japan after the devastating earthquake that wiped out complete villages, including the one her son was teaching in.  (He survived)

Betsy lovingly knits and knits, then gives all that knitting away. 
 Her generosity is exemplary, 
her industry enormous, 
and her spirit, sweet and gentle. 
 What a godsend she must be now to thousands of recipients of her knitting!  

Betsy reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman, 
of a woman I would like to be like.
She is a keeper at home, 
yet blessing people all over the world by "working willingly with her hands."

Betsy "reaches forth her hand to the needy," as she mails  home made goodness 
all across the states as she hears of needs.
This is a gracious woman!

Hand knit socks are simply the best.  
But, wearing them has been made even sweeter knowing the kind heart who made them.
And, as I do wear mine nearly everyday, 
I am reminded at the sight of them to make steps towards being kind, 
gracious, industrious and generous 
like the knitter.

Thanks, Betsy, 
for being such a wonderful example, and of course, 
for the fabulous socks!

 I hope telling you about Betsy inspires and encourages you too.

Happy Knitting!



  1. Betsy is one of those rare gems who not only sees a need but fills it. What an inspiration ! As for knitting I encourage perseverance lol. I learnt to crochet last year using You Tube tutorials and although I threw my wool and hook in the bag many times over, I eventually mastered it (not bad, thats only 43 years its taken me to learn). Good luck

  2. Amazing, all around amazing. What a blessed woman to give so generously of her talents and time. Betsy, she does beautiful work. How blessed you were to be recipients of her generosity. What an inspiration. Thank you , Julianne, for sharing Betsy's story. :o)

  3. Oh my! What a sweet post. I'm so happy the socks are keeping your families feet nice and warm on these cold days. I hope we can meet again sometime. Honestly, I'm completely wordless at the beautiful things you have said. Thank you.

  4. I too have a growing love of hand knits. How kind of Betsy! Love her spirit for giving.
    It's always a treasure to stop by and read your posts. They are so filled with love and gentleness.
    Thank you for sharing your lodge life.
    Love, Kristin

  5. Your dear friend sounds like the lady in the children's book "The Mitten Tree." I would certainly trade some knitting lessons for a chance to sit on your porch or by your fire sometime.


  6. Julie, Well now, that is a book I do not have..yet. As for the porch or fire, you are most welcome any ol time you know!

  7. Thank you, Kristin, what a nice thing to say! Yes, Betsy has really inspired me toward living a more generous life.

  8. Rhonda,
    I am glad to share Betsy with you, may she have as deep an impact on you and others as she has had on me.

  9. Valerie, I have heard of others who have learned to knit via You tube. That sure is a possibility! My Daughter in law gave me needles, a book, and yarn, so I am all ready to begin, except for the time..I will have to figure that one out. :-)


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