Monday, February 3, 2014

Breakfast at the Log Cabin

It has been snowing since I arrived home from Anna's.
We are glad for the snow pack, which means a green summer.
The children are loving hours of sledding and making of snow forts each afternoon.
Meanwhile inside, I am planning yummy things to eat,
a favorite pastime of mine.

My thoughtful daughter Anna bought me the Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook. 

 If you love your cast iron like I do, 
ya'all need this book. 

So far, we have tried three recipes, and they have all been OUTSTANDING.  
This morning, I made the Breakfast Fritata for the family. 
 Anna had made this for me when I was visiting her.  
I knew my family would love it as much as I did, and sure enough, Jim said,
"MMM can we have this EVERYDAY for breakfast?!"

Sausage, spinach (they didn't even notice or fuss), eggs, milk, feta, diced tomatoes, salt and pepper.
Very simple. 
 The ingredients are common for us, so I had them all on hand.  
Little cleanup since it is a one dish meal, love that, 
and all the children ate it happily. 
 Really, really love that!

For the actual recipe, you'll need to get that book. :-)
Happy cooking to you!



  1. This looks delicious although I've never had much luck with cast iron. Mine always rusts no matter how I try to season it. So glad you're home and settling back in happily. :-)

  2. That sounds very good! I love this kind of breakfast!


  3. I used to only use my cast iron pan once a year when I made a large batch for cornbread for dressing at Thanksgiving. Then, my non-stick pan got really scratched up and I knew it was time to throw it out. Being on a budget meant not purchasing another pan for a while. So that left me with just my cast iron. Ummmhhhhh, now I love it and cook EVERYTHING in it!:)

  4. Betsy,
    Maybe you need some really old well seasoned cast iron? Newer cast iron takes a long time to develop a good season. I have three of my grandfathers pans and a dutch oven bought at a yard sale from an old lady years ago, so mine all came well seasoned. I just love it, nothing beats a roast chicken or beef or venison in a cooked in dutch oven! It sure has come in handy when my oven went out, since we could bake just about anything on the stove top in the lidded skillet or dutch oven.

  5. Serving a generation,
    You would love this cookbook for sure, then! I am like you in that I always reach for the cast iron first. love it!


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