Monday, June 9, 2014

We Build A Rocket Stove

The last few weeks have been full of fun and blessings.
  Our married daughter, Anna, has been visiting us while her husband is gone on a trip, 
that has been delightful...well, for us that is...she still misses her husband terribly.

Rose has been perfecting the art of home made goat cheese. We are getting so much milk from her two does, we have extra to make cheese once a week.  Next, a cheese press for harder cheeses.

With the amazing weather, we have been outdoors.
 We have been working in the garden, burning slash piles from the winter logging, fixing up the homestead, and just sitting on the summer porch enjoying each other.
We also went to the Air Show at Fairchild.  It was incredible!!

Here is one happy 10 year old in a Black Hawk:
"A BLACK HAWK, mom!!  I was sitting in the pilot seat of a BLACK HAWK!!!!" 

Today, Jim decided he wanted to make a mini Rocket Stove.
 It happened to be daddy's day off, so they went to work ravaging my pantry for the right sized cans,
and in about an hour,
they were finished and boiling water for tea on the newly built stove!
The instructions were found on Pinterest.
 Just one #10 can, and three 26 oz cans, and a wee bit of insulation,
a few snips here and there, and...tea.

Now to build a full scale Rocket Stove for inside the lodge!
Hmm, well , that is the stuff dreams are made of.



  1. Your girls are so beautiful!

    I love how excited your son was about sitting in that Black Hawk.

    That Rocket Stove is so cool! I can't wait to show my kids!


  2. Thank you, Deanna, you are just SUCH an encouragement! Brian and Joe took the stove camping. It worked marvelously. It would also be a great power outage backup since it smokes very little and uses such a small amount of wood...could be kept in a small tote on the porch for such an occasion. It is such a versatile little thing!


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