Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Benefits of Children Raising Livestock

Rose adores her goats.  

She now has four years of goat tending. 
Currently she owns three alpine/nubians and one lamoncha. 
This farmer-wanna-be takes complete care of  the goats.
When their pen needs fixin, she is responsible.  
She did bribe some local help, though.

Together they doubled the pen size, which will be nice for the winter. 
 In the meantime, they are staked out every day on free food consisting of grass, tree branches, 
brush and plenty of weeds, all in abundance here.

This hand feed orphan thinks she is a puppy, 
and follows Rose everywhere..including getting in to Rose's car whenever Rose does. 
 Although Rose is very fond of her baby, she still does not prefer goat kisses.

Pretty adorable, and milk and cheese to boot.

 I am a big fan of children raising livestock.
Growing up in a 4-H predominate culture myself, I see the value in caring for animals. 
 Children who are brought up with tending livestock have an early maturity in dependability, responsibility and spotting needs without someone having to tell them what to do.

Raising goats has been a very practical help to our family, 
and Rose benefits as well by the training in responsibility that animal husbandry requires.  
There is no, "I don't feel like doing my chores this morning" with dairy animals. 
 They MUST be milked rain, snow, sickness, or come what may. 
 Of course, there is also being responsible for something other than just yourself, 
there are costs and profits to be figured, 
and a huge learning curve on fodder, illnesses, breeding, culling, shelter, pasture, and on and on.

In my perfect world, 
parents would replace worthless video games  in their children's hands 
with a farm animal to care for.
Working with your hands and tending animals, 
this is rewarding work that satisfies the soul.
And that would be a lovely gift to give our children.


  1. "In my perfect world,
    parents would replace worthless video games in their children's hands
    with a farm animal to care for."

    Oh wouldn't this be something!? It really would change lives.

    We have dogs, horses, and chickens. It is good work for the kids. We are thinking of trying meat chickens.

    I don't think I've ever seen this view of your property - didn't realize you had a barn.

    Thanks for sharing your busy, happy, fulfilled life with us!


  2. Deanna,
    You and I think so much alike! :-) We do not really have barn, it is essentially a goat shed. A barn is in the homestead plans, eventually.
    We are preparing to add chickens to our homestead this summer, layers and fryers. I am looking for a good heritage breed. Very exciting!
    I do not think I have seen YOUR barn. :-)

  3. I have been wanting to get into raising nanny goats (at least two) for milk. Would your daughter recommend any books or forums that were extremely helpful in the learning process?

  4. We are looking at raising nanny goats. Could your daughter recommend any good resources she has found helpful??

  5. dear anonymous,
    We have not really had any particular method of learning, a little from friends, some google searches, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, and the school of hard knocks. We just jumped into it when a friend needed to get rid of her goats asap and have been learning by experience ever since. Good luck to you in your goat journey!


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