Saturday, September 27, 2014

Praying for Babies

This is Charles Owen. 
 He was born yesterday, 9 lbs 4 oz.
 He is the grandson of one of my best friends.

As I was rejoicing over this good news while vacuuming,
 my heart immediately beckoned me to pray for him. 

 Vacuuming the floor is a great time to pray. 

 You see, Charles Owen is in need of prayer...
... and here is the reason: 
 He has been born into a country who has lost its fear of the Almighty God.
  He has been born into a culture where the church goers
 are apathetic to the moral decline of our nation,
 a culture who has given up hope.

When people do not fear the Lord,
 there is moral decline, and hope wains.

Owen needs our prayers.
  His parents need them. 
 They, and all the believing families across the nation,
 need people to lovingly pray for them with endurance,
 that their children would be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, 
that parents would have wisdom and discernment to raise them to be  godly,
 God fearing, Jesus loving men and women.


 Because Owen's parents are swimming up stream.  
And this stream is a raging torrent full of debris to knock one over, 
get one caught in an eddy, or worse....trapped underneath, caught by some branch or rock. 

Because our nation, our churches, our families
 are devoid of faithful Christian men who will stand up and lead like God intended them to...
and lacking women who understand what God values in a woman and then gives her life to pursue His good will instead of her own.

Someone had better pray over this condition-
for it is the ruin of a once Godly nation. 
 It is the ruin of reproductive and spirit filled churches,
 it is the ruin of the Christian Home.

Theologian Karl Barth once said,
 "To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world. "

We all know of babies and little children like Owen, born into Christian families, and we think,
 "Oh that's wonderful."
  Yes, but let's not stop there.   Do we fervently pray for these young families 
struggling to do right in a society that loves wrong; to be faithful, patient, and wise in their parenting despite their young years?
  And how often do we pray for the children to be responsive to the Holy Spirit,
 having a tender heart toward things of the Lord, to grow up loving Jesus above all else?

This is what was impressed upon me this morning, and I felt compelled to share.
Whether it be Owen, or the little people you know personally, let us pray, pray, pray!

  Hope is not lost when there is prayer.

I wrote this prayer/song years is the cry of my heart,
 and the prayer for the morning:

"Build Your kingdom, Lord,
through our children, Lord.
 May this generation know you more.
  Raise up men of God who stand upon Your Word
 with integrity and hearts that are pure.
  Draw our daughters to a life of trusting You. 
 Servant hearted, wholesome, devoted and true. 
 Give us wisdom, we pray, as we train them each day 
with the vision of leaving a legacy of Your way. 
 Immerse us deeply in You so that it's You that shines through,
and by your grace we will see our children's children
 praise thee.
Build Your kingdom, Lord."



  1. Amen and Amen Julianne. I pray for this nation and our Christian families daily. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Beautiful words. These thoughts echo my own heart. Yes we need to pray for believing families raising children in our nation. For strength, vision, wisdom.


  3. I read this post with tears in my heart, Julianne. Every word you wrote is heartfelt, and resonates within me as well. I have beloved family and friends living in your nation, and they are often on my heart too... but this is a prayer not just for your country. It is a prayer for my own country as well, yes we are so much more open to God and His word, but there is also much to pray for. Your poem is beautiful. With sincere prayers reaching God's throne, hope is not lost for the babies being born into this world.

  4. Thinking of you, Julianne. I hope everyone in your home is well. Praying for Anna and your son and his wife and the new grand baby. Please update when time permits.

  5. Thank you for writing this charge to prayer! It was an amazing piece of writing and so so true. Praying...praying!

  6. Dear Julianne, I look at your blog quite regularly and continue to look for new posts weekly. As each week passes and I see no new blog, I continue to pray for you in hopes that all is well with you and your family and that you are just busy. Know that you are in the prayers of many. In His love, Staci Wallingford


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