Friday, February 6, 2015

The Joy of Grandbabies

Our first grandchild, Shiloh Anne, is such a joy.
She is the daughter of our oldest son, John, and his beautiful bride, Michelle.
 I see so much of both her parents in her, yet, she is her own person.
  This little cutie pie has stolen our hearts from day one. 
 She is growing sooo fast, she will be wearing her first cowboy boots in no time.
 (every girl needs at least one pair, ya know!)

Shiloh is coming up on 8 months old, cutting several teeth, crawling all over,
 and blessedly, sleeping through the night. 
 She is such a people person, she just lights up when someone talks to her,
 making for great photos.

Our daughter Anna is carrying grandbaby #2.  
She just sent us this picture of her sweet little baby bump.
  Isn't she beautiful?! 
 I have always thought that pregnant women have a special glow about them
 that really makes them lovely.

Scott and Anna are having a girl, which we are so excited to meet in June!!  
Here is a little 3D sneak peek at her:

Isn't she incredible!? 
 Surely, these precious wee ones are fearfully and wonderfully made!
  Marvelous are your works, O God!!  

Grandparenting is an amazing new adventure for us.
We are thrilled with these two bundles of joy,
who are truly a gift from the  Lord. 


  1. SUCH sweetness!

    (I am actually "Emily" from commenting the other day. Emily is actually my oldest daughter, and I happened to be signed into her google account when I commented on your blog the last time.)

  2. It is precious, isn't it? I have a granddaughter, Kamryn, who will be 5 this summer! How did she get to be 5 already!

    I am blessed to know that one day we will have our arms full of grand babies! They are so special and fun!


    ps - I'm so excited for Anna and Scott!

  3. Deanna, I have missed you since I am no longer on FB. It is great to share in your enthusiasm for grandbabies! And yours is so close at hand, too, what a treasure that is! Oh my, yes, they do grow up too fast. Kamryn,...5? I will just have to have a peep over there at your blog, that seems so old..already!



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