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Cute as a Bug

Gabriel is a sweet boy.
Now 15 months old, "outside" is a word we do not say out loud, but rather spell out,
otherwise, one cute-as-a-bug blond boy will grab your finger and proceed to drag you to the door,
which he can open by himself, much to my disapproval.
  Our yard is not exactly baby safe:  ditches lay uncovered, the porch does not have a railing, and mud everywhere.
But, he was emphatic about being outside,the mud was calling his name.

We also don't dare say "walk", or he will get his tiny little mud boots and bring them to you.
He is an avid outdoors man, for sure.

Must be in the blood.
He does generally get taken on a walk everyday.  The bad part is when he has to come back in, which is always too early, and he lets us know it. Although he seems to be plenty smart, he calls me "daddy"  with great enthusiasm.
  I'm really not sure if this is a sense of humor, or what, since none of our other children had any difficulty in saying MAMA!


Feeling feminine

My daughters and I enjoy dressing in skirts, and making outfits that match our personalities and moods of the day.  I thought the girls were so cute I would share some of their favorite outfits with ya all. Perhaps it will inspire you to share with a young lady that could use some encouragement to dress in a more modest feminine way, I hope so.  Our family shops largely at thrift stores, and finding something lovely to add to our wardrobes is the thrill of the hunt!

  Here are Rose and Anna in what I would call spunky outfits for spring, which we thought was here, until it snowed today.  It can be difficult to find shirts and blouses that cover everything we think they should and look feminine too.  When we go shopping we pray that God would provide for our family the things we need. He is ever so faithful.  I cannot recall the times, over and over, that a particular item was needed and found thrifting.

Long flowing skirts are my personal favorite, but I am an incurable romantic.  In…

O Faithful God

We sing a song at church titled, "O Faithful God," a Sovereign Grace tune.  It is on my Favorites list, and I would love to add it here, but I am not sure I know how to do that.  I'll have to ask my daughter for help if she has time. :-)  But, in light of the Dole family situation (Thousand Hills Farm blog), I was thinking of how we can totally trust God, even when we don't understand because He has our best interests in mind, and He is GOOD.  He has good things planned for his children.  He is faithful and will not forget us.  Sometimes things may look pretty bad, but God has a plan, as Tracy shared on the KXLY interview.  We don't know his plans, so we trust in his character and his word.  If we don't know his character and his word, then how can we trust?  It is so important for us as Christians to KNOW God and His Word, and to teach it to our children, so that when these crisis times some along, and they will, not only we, but even our little ones will be…

March 12 birthdays

Ben really enjoyed his 6th birthday with Papa, Nanny, Uncle Terry, Aunt Janet, the cousins, and the rest of us.  He was asking about opening presents at 7:30 in the morning, but he held out until the dinner party, although it may have been the longest day of his life.  We are blessed by his great smile and loving hugs and kisses.
All the little boys had a great time playing with the new toys, even Gabe, who was very enthusiastic about the whole event.
The great thing about birthdays is left over cake for breakfast, or in this case, after chores are done.
Ben got to share his birthday with a new friend, Annalise Elizabeth Melotti, who was born at 1 am on this day.  She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and is a beautiful and wonderfully healthy baby!  Congratulations to her family, what a precious bundle God has given you!  Great job Liz!!!

The quiet basket and pics


"Swing and Peek-a-Boo"

Because we have 12 foot ceilings with log girders supporting the floor joists above our heads, we have the ability to tie a rope around the girder to hold a swing in our living room. Ours is hanging under the stairs, and there is nothing obstructing the swing's path. It is in almost continual use.
Here is Rose with Gabe enjoying a game of swing and peek a boo. Whoever is in the kitchen gets to peek a boo with Gabe as his swing flight carries him out of view behind the wall. He thinks it is hilarious.

This is us doing school work. Science at the time. Many people have asked if we were planning a school room in our new house. Although I like the idea, I didn't feel it would work well for our laid back style of school, which happens with much preschooler chaos, amidst cooking, puttering, and baby care. Everyone has their favorite spot to work alone, but when we are reading together, the cozy, cushy living room furniture is our preference.
We have always done our school after mornin…

Building in Vain?

On my morning walk down the driveway and back, I often ponder upon the goodnesss and greatness of our God.  I had been thinking about how our heavenly father has, in his great mercy, bestowed upon our family a multitude of blessings during our lodge building process. Likewise, God has been building for our family a large spiritual bank account during this time. 
The Psalmist said,  "Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build it, unless the Lord guards the city, the watchmen stays awake in vain." (Ch 127:1)
That has always been a puzzlement to me, until we began the lodge.  It then became clear to me that it must be God's building plan for our families, and nothing nothing else. No "Jesus plus." God's building plan is NOT: take our family to church, period, end of spiritual life...until next Sunday. God's building plan is NOT: homeschool, so our children do not have to go to public school. Homeschooling is not a means to and end,  and will n…

Settling in

It is beautiful sunny solar panel day here in North Idaho! Now that we are mostly moved, we are all in transition to the new space. Being an organizational nut, I am making new chore charts, planning a new menu for our stove top only cooking (needing a part for the oven to work), and a new daily routine. We also have high speed internet for the first time so we are delegating certain time frames for everybody to get in their share at the computer. People are always curious about how we manage our daily life, so thought I would try to provide a glimpse. So far, this is how our day works:
6am- Daddy gets up to have his quiet time
7am- kids and mama up, dress and make beds
8am-breakfast (fruit, yogurt, toast)
8:30- group help with kitchen cleanup, Rose off with baby and Bethany to wash them up, John with Ben to teach him how to feed the animals.
9am-go over daily plan with Brian, mama's walk, children play
10am-school (grades 12, 10, 9, 5, 3, and some preschool--on good days:-))
noon- lunch…