Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Swing and Peek-a-Boo"

Because we have 12 foot ceilings with log girders supporting the floor joists above our heads, we have the ability to tie a rope around the girder to hold a swing in our living room. Ours is hanging under the stairs, and there is nothing obstructing the swing's path. It is in almost continual use.
Here is Rose with Gabe enjoying a game of swing and peek a boo. Whoever is in the kitchen gets to peek a boo with Gabe as his swing flight carries him out of view behind the wall. He thinks it is hilarious.

This is us doing school work. Science at the time. Many people have asked if we were planning a school room in our new house. Although I like the idea, I didn't feel it would work well for our laid back style of school, which happens with much preschooler chaos, amidst cooking, puttering, and baby care. Everyone has their favorite spot to work alone, but when we are reading together, the cozy, cushy living room furniture is our preference.

We have always done our school after morning chores, then leave our afternoon for play, naps, or projects. Some days getting schoolwork done before lunch just doesn't happen, but we roll with the punches. I can be quite a control/schedule freak, but in my advancing years, LOL, I am learning that balance is the key to sanity. :-)
With the snow softly falling, and work on the master bathroom planned for this afternoon, I think a pot of stew will be perfect for dinner, and I will try out the cornbread in the dutch oven on the stove top.
The possibitlity of hot running water AND two functional toilets is amazing. This is the life!!!

You might be quiverfull if: your original maternity clothes have come back into
You might be quiverfull if: you have been shopping for a diaper bag
with a 15 year warranty.
You might be quiverfull if: you have to make
reservations to use your bathroom.

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  1. Love it! Its looking homey and so large! :) I also love your quiverful quotes! Too funny! Thanks for sharing!


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