Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feeling feminine

My daughters and I enjoy dressing in skirts, and making outfits that match our personalities and moods of the day.  I thought the girls were so cute I would share some of their favorite outfits with ya all. Perhaps it will inspire you to share with a young lady that could use some encouragement to dress in a more modest feminine way, I hope so.  Our family shops largely at thrift stores, and finding something lovely to add to our wardrobes is the thrill of the hunt!

  Here are Rose and Anna in what I would call spunky outfits for spring, which we thought was here, until it snowed today.  It can be difficult to find shirts and blouses that cover everything we think they should and look feminine too.  When we go shopping we pray that God would provide for our family the things we need. He is ever so faithful.  I cannot recall the times, over and over, that a particular item was needed and found thrifting.

Long flowing skirts are my personal favorite, but I am an incurable romantic.  In summer, we like to take a long barefoot walk, even in the rain, in our long flowy skirts.  Quite picturesque.  Finding beautiful clothing that does not scream SEXY is not always easy.  If you are having problems finding appropriate things, try to find someone with the gift of shopping.  They are around and would most likely be overjoyed to have an opportunity to help you.  We have made jokes that Shopping could be a spiritual gift....more likely someone who loves to shop has the gift of encouragement or giving.  In either case, they are the kind of people who really would like to give you a hand at something they are good at.

These are more of a going to church or town look, a nice change from the everyday denim (dead ringer for a homeschooler).  This was entirely too much fun, almost as fun as re arranging furniture, which I am about to do next.  I know we just moved, but not everything is perfect yet, so I must make some improvements you know!
Dressing modestly is fun and exciting.  It is the right thing to do to protect our brothers in Christ, to not be a stumbling block to them.  Modesty is a joy, a way to express our uniqueness and feminine appeal at he same time.  Some things we do to make sure our clothes will not be revealing are:  bend over in the mirror to make sure the neckline of the top does not lend a view.  Sit down to check skirt length(some skirts look fine when standing, but when sitting show more leg than we would like.  When wearing pants, sit, stand, walk, bend, to assure no midriff shows, we also do this for tops- lift arms, bend, lean forward while sitting, etc.  The layered, long tops that are now popular are really helpful for this, especially if you have a long torso like Rose.
Hope you enjoyed in our fun!

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  1. We loved looking at your photos! We love dressing femine too.


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