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In The Meantime

In the absence of my dear Mother, you might want to visit my 16-year-old sister Rosie's blog.

She is currently in Jinja Uganda Africa. Take a peek and read about some of her life-changing experiences. She has a God-given gift for photography and  a heart for the people of Uganda. Here's the link: Rosie's Blog
You can thank me later. :) Blessings, Anna Primer

In Case You've Been Wondering

Hello everyone, this is Anna.  In case you've been wondering where my lovely Mother is,  she has not been feeling well for the last week.  Yesterday she went to the doctor,  we discovered that she has Pneumonia and she has been sent to bed.  Please pray for her recovery!  May the Lord bless you today.


There are three things in this life that Jim loves passionately;  memorizing scripture,  the world of C.S. Lewis,  and animals.
  He has long wanted his own dog, and God, in his great love, has provided Jim with not only a dog,  but, just the kind of dog our family needed. We began looking at Great Perienese last year, but hesitated in our search that we may inquire of the Lord.   This spring a friend came to us, out of the blue, and asked us if we wouldn't want one of her puppies. "What kind?" We asked. I think we were speechless for  a few minutes,  and then realizing the gift, a great smile spread across our faces, as the full realization of what was happening hit us.

This is Jim and his new puppy, Caspian.   Caspian is a Burmese Mountain Dog/Great Perienese.  We wanted to get the children this type of dog to watch over them and guard them in their woodland play.  We do live in the woods,  along with every large predator and big game animal in close proximity.  A moose is to be feare…

Saturday Already?

Somewhere out there, my week happened.   I know not what we did or where it went, but it is nearly gone, and all that is left are a few photos.   My camera is missing my photographer daughter, Rose, who is away in Uganda (and loving it very much,by the way).    As the other two older ones are also away from home, and Joe and Jim spent the week at camp, just the 4 little ones here holding down the fort with ma and pa, life has been a bit strange.  Going from a household of 11 to 5 or 6 left me wondering what to do with all the time I had on my hands, so much less the work load of keeping house!   Then I pondered the idea of this being permanent in a short while,  when the older three leave our home to begin their own journey of building a family.  It will happen all too fast, I am sure. Thankfully, there are a few pictures to remind me of our life this week:

The garden got froze again,  poor tomatoes, but the spinach, lettuce and peppers are still producing.  The strawberries, too, look quite…

Do you love Him?

I love my husband, which means, that I want to spend time with him, be with him, talk to him, go places with him, listen to his thoughts and dreams and make them my thoughts and dreams.  I do things out of love and respect for my husband too, I wear my hair long, because he likes it that way, I make mashed potatoes for him because he likes them, even though I do not.  Some things, that I used to not like, I have gained an appitite for , such as coffee, and steak..he still has not won me over to dill pickles, however.

If I never spent time with my husband- listening to his heart, what his day was like, what he is thinking, and telling him about my day, my thoughts, my difficulties, my joys- our relationship would be much more shallow.  If, instead I tried to make mashed potatoes every day and never wear my hair up- to prove my love and devotion to him, would that make up for the lack of communing with him?  No, it in no way would!  Our time spent together talking, listening, encouragin…

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Yesterday, these two happy children rambled about their little "camp"  having a tea party.   It was too precious to pass up. I felt I had been transported into a Sandra Kuck painting.

They danced, sang, chased robins, drank several cups of "tea",  and finally were drawn away by the lure of kittens darting about their play area.  Tea in the afternoon is always a delightful affair, don't you think?  I smile as I watch them play.  Brothers and sisters engaged in happy play is a joyous occasion for a mama. For a little while, anyway, the 3,000 times I have told them to  "Be Kind and Loving to Each Other" is paying off.  I am reminded of a favorite quote from June Masters Bacher, "Every act of kindness moves to a larger one 'til friendships bloom to show what little deeds have done."
Such sweet pastimes as these help in making brothers and sisters best friends. It is often the simple pleasures in life, when shared with one another, I think, that make fo…

Mornings on the Porch

Our summer mornings begin on the porch.   The cool crispness of the dewy air combined with the first sunshine of the day,  the birds morning song, and a talk with my Lord makes rising early a pleasure,  even to this sleepy head. 
This morning I am reminded by the Psalmist, 
"Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.  For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.   Trust int he Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.  Delight thyself  also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart, Commit thy way to the Lord, trust also in Him; and /he shall bring it to pass.  And He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgement as the noonday.  Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him: " 37:1-7
I know very well how we women tend to worry and not trust in our heavenly Father.  But this He does not want.   Instead, He values a wom…

Indepenence Day Celebration

The first, of likely many more, annual Independence Day celebrations at Providence Lodge  began ordinary enough, but ended with more than a little bang. 
Over 50 friends and family gathered for an all-American potluck,  a bit of target shooting,  and a combined effort at a fireworks display.   Here in Idaho, we are still allowed the freedom of lighting off our own festivities. After a heartfelt prayer for mercy with the numerous children present,  all went safely. Ben declared it was the best day ever. Aside from missing Rose, who was somewhere over the Atlantic in mid flight to Uganda,  it was, indeed a magnificent day.