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Log Home tour part 5: The Spare Oom

Welcome to the Providence Lodge Home Tour!
This is our 5th room featured here.  If you have been traveling through the tour with us,  we are now on the 2nd floor of the lodge.   Right at the top of the stairs and to the left, we come to our extra bedroom.
Being great C.S Lewis fans,  we have a "Spare Oom",  and we dearly love to have company in it.

The Spare Oom was formerly John's room,  but he moved out onto his own and will be getting married soon,  so I recently took it over. To out fit our Spare Oom, we stole the bed from Anna's former room,  moved grandpa's ugly brown cupboard from the third floor,  and gathered a few other pieces of furniture here and there around the house  to give it what I thought a spare oom should have. 
The room is 18x14, planned extra large initially for John and all his gear,  and with thoughts of future guests,  which often times come with pack n play's for their little ones,  suitcases,  and need for quiet study time.
I wanted…

On our woodsy Homestead: Goats and Spinach

I have come to think of our home as more than the lodge.. it is becoming a homestead.
  As we begin raising our own food and acquire livestock,  the property takes on a more substantial role.   We are becoming more sustainable, which has been our objective for many years,  but slow in happening.   This year, though, we are bounding forward.
First, our three does have produced a healthy little flock of cuteness  and are giving us good tasting milk morning and evening.   I am so thankful that there were no problems with the births.   We now have 6 kids, 5 girls and one boy. One is a "wimpy kid" that has needed bottle feedings and baby jammies to keep warm and thriving. Jim named her "Aravas," and has taken over feeding her.   It is warm enough now for her natural coat,  but she was pretty cute in the lavender fleece jammies she spent the first three days in. 


Notice how this baby (Daisy) has a squiggly line down her back.

It is more noticeable he…

Log Home Tour part 4: The Living Room

Sanctuary:  a place offering protection and safety.  A shelter, a place of comfort in times of trouble.  As in plants and animals:  "An area (habitat) set aside for the preservation and care of it's inhabitants to maintain functioning natural systems; to act as refuges, protected areas...often the only hope we have of stopping external threats to the species." -Wikipedia

Welcome to the Providence Lodge Home Tour!
Today I invite you inside to our sanctuary, the Living Room. To the right of the entry, the Living room takes up the whole north side of the lodge. The space is 18x28. Log columns support girders on both the first and second floors. Here we have a forked top, and yes, the children to climb up and perch in it.   I think a bobcat or raccoon mount would be nice...and safer than a child-monkey.

With the couches flanking the fireplace, this is the warmest seating area.
  A perfect place for afternoon tea on a cold or rainy day, visiting, and snuggling.

At the other en…

Log Home Tour part 3: The Dining Room

Welcome to the Providence Lodge home tour! 
 I hope you are enjoying a peek into our log home. So far we have been through the  porch,  entry,  and kitchen.   Now we go to the Dining Room.

The Dining room is open to the kitchen on the southwest side of the house.   The space is 12x18.

Here is a closer look:

This old farm table was our first dining table, waaay back when we first married.   Later, I paired it with a bookcase and painted the two of them to match.   These are the surfaces that I randomly putter about and rearrange.   Just now our dishes and multiple gifts from loved ones mix together on the open shelves. Up on top, a stack of baby and lap quilts.   I have a growing collection of quilts, which are piled up here and there all through out the lodge.
 We use a lot of baskets to keep our clutter semi organized.  This big basket underneath the farm table houses chunky puzzles  and play dough equipment (such as mini cookie cutters and pie presses) for the littles. I also keep t…

Log Home Tour part 2: Kitchen

Welcome to the Providence Lodge home tour!
  We began our tour with the porch and entry,  and now we are headed to the kitchen,  the hub of activity here in our neck of the woods.
The kitchen is 12 x 24, with the main work area being 12x12.   The whole kitchen is a conglomeration of salvage materials.   The cabinets came from a remodel   the commercial wolf stove from Craig's List,  the sink and faucet from Habitat for Humanity,  the light from Goodwill,  the frig from a scratch and dent warehouse   and the island is a fabrication of mix and match that a wise friend assembled for us.   The crowing glory,  I think, is the Home Comfort wood cookstove given to us by some friends.   I just had it fired up yesterday,  with the coooooold morning temperature to warm the house and make our breakfast porridge. 

Walking from the entry and going left,  you come into the kitchen this way.  The wood cook stove is on the far side of the island, facing the dining area.

Here is a closer look.

The …