Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Log Home Tour part 4: The Living Room

Sanctuary:  a place offering protection and safety.  A shelter, a place of comfort in times of trouble.  As in plants and animals:  "An area (habitat) set aside for the preservation and care of it's inhabitants to maintain functioning natural systems; to act as refuges, protected areas...often the only hope we have of stopping external threats to the species." -Wikipedia

Welcome to the Providence Lodge Home Tour!

Today I invite you inside to our sanctuary, the Living Room.
To the right of the entry, the Living room takes up the whole north side of the lodge.
The space is 18x28.
Log columns support girders on both the first and second floors.
Here we have a forked top, and yes, the children to climb up and perch in it. 
 I think a bobcat or raccoon mount would be nice...and safer than a child-monkey.

With the couches flanking the fireplace, this is the warmest seating area.
  A perfect place for afternoon tea on a cold or rainy day, visiting, and snuggling.

At the other end of the couches are a few chairs for rocking the small ones, 
and under the stairs, the doll house play area, and the ever popular swing.

And here is a closer look.

log cabin interiors

Under the round tale is a littles hide out complete with rug, pillows and various stuffed animal friends.

To the right of the fireplace,
 this cushy window seat is the favorite napping location, 
for family and cats.

To the left of the fireplace,
Grandma's sewing table makes a nice side table ...
and it is filled with tiny treasures just the size for tiny hands to play with.

The Living Room is our refuge from a society
that desires to make our boys effeminate and our girls unfeminine;
a world culture that threatens family health.
 The Living Room is the essential and pivotal point of maintaining a functional,
 God fearing, loyal and loving family life.
How so? You may ask.

Coffee in hand, 
here in is the place we start the day with snuggles and laps full of sleepy heads,
curled up in front of the fire (all but three months of the year).


Here is the room that offers the most comfort...
the best warmth from the fire,
 the big cushy furniture,
 the place where we rock the babies to sleep,
 where the littles (and Grandpa too) take their naps, 
and those who are ill are cared for.

This too is the place the children do a great amount of reading during the school day.
Where the mama listens to a young child read his first words.
 Where the toddler asks for book after book to be read. 
Where children color and play under a watchful eye..or just near a loved one.

  This is the room where we cuddle together at night and read aloud.
Many an evening will find every child absorbed in drawing or coloring while listening to a story.

 This is the place we seek when we find ourselves chilled,
 or wanting company. 
 Here we gather to talk through troubles
and tell of our adventures.

Here is the emotional and physical comfort one finds in a family
The Living Room, 
our sanctuary.


  1. I am enjoying the tour!

    Love the swing! :)

  2. I am truly enjoying the tour of your home! We are in process of getting our home ready to sell so that maybe next year, with the Lords blessing, we might be able to find the right piece of property for our family... it is my hearts desire to have a lodge. We shall see what the Lord has planned for our bunch of blessings!

  3. Oh, it makes me want to cuddle up in front of the fire! It's so welcoming. :-) Will your family be attending the Christian Heritage Conf this year?

  4. Oh how I love these posts! There is such a peacefulness in your home, thank you again for sharing.

  5. Serving a generation,
    sadly, we will not be attending the home school conference this year. I hate to miss seeing all the friends we have made there as well as all the good encouragement! If you are going, do please tell us all about it.
    I have plans to get out all those cd's from past conferences and listen, so far, we have heard two of them, soooooo good! why I haven't done it more, I do not know. :-)

  6. I absolutely adored taking the tour of your home. So gorgeous and much like my dream home. :) We are still a growing family, but can't wait to see what God has in store for us. Thank you so much for your blog! :) I would love to have you or your visitors hope on over to my blog and check it out sometime. It's just the tale of a young wife and mother and the sanctifying days. http://forgivenbygracee.blogspot.com/


  8. Beauty in every word, thought and photo.

    I agree that our homes, where we live must be havens - sanctuaries for our families.


  9. enjoyed the tour so much! Encouraging to me to see such a lovely home filled with love!

    Also, can you explain the Joshua rocks? I have never heard of them. God bless, ann from KY

  10. Dear Ann from KY,
    The Joshua rocks are a pile of stones we have set aside for remembrance of amazing things the Lord has done in our lives, just like the Lord commanded Joshua to build after crossing the Jordan into the promised land. Such rocks in our home include providences, safety, blessings, etc. We write a phrase that describes the event and the date on one side of a rock and add it to our basket. hmmm, maybe there is a future post in this?? :-)


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