Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We went out to check the goats yesterday and low and behold.....

All three babies were dry and up on their teeny tiny feet. 
 Mama goat is doing great,
 as are the kids 
and had to have no help from their people.

They are so cute and snugly!

This little girl tried to suckle on Rose's chin. 

With all this cuteness out in the barn, I do believe it will be hours before I see the children again..
 they are quite taken with the babies.
Who can blame them?

We still have two does yet to kid, 
so the fun has just begun!


  1. Ohhhhh, they are just beautiful. I would so enjoy having animals. Goats are so lovable and ornery!

    Enjoy the milk when it starts.
    Thinking of you all.
    By Grace Alone,

  2. Dear Julianne
    Your baby goats (kids) are just plain cute and cuddly.

    Now you can get unpasteurized milk from mama goat, and grow your own organic kefir drink from kefir grains.

    May I share this story with you? My close friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, three years ago, but she opted to go for organic treatment in a wellness facility in Texas. Her doctor gave her a daily regimen of natural food, and a cup of homemade kefir from goat's milk was one of them. To mention a few other things she did, she also incorporated essential oils, grains (yes, quinoa) and vegetable juice to her daily diet.

    In less than a year, her breast tumor had shrunk, and subsequent tests revealed that she was cancer free.

    She of course attributes the healing to God's supernatural touch on her life. But she brought home kefir grains for her friends, and for nearly two years now I have been drinking my own homemade kefir.

    You probably know about kefir, but I just wanted to share the story with you.

    Here's one of the many kefir links you may want to check out:



  3. Oh cute. Let the goat milk flow!!

  4. thank you, lidia! although I know kefir is good for you I have not heard it as one of the many foods that help in the cancer battle. The number of people that have successfully treated their cancer just by changing their diets is amazing...it should be a wake up call to all of us that the foods we(Americans) normally eat are not healthy. It is exciting that cancer can have such a simple cure, without all the destruction of chemo and radiation.


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