Thursday, April 25, 2013

On our woodsy Homestead: Goats and Spinach

I have come to think of our home as more than the lodge..
it is becoming a homestead.

  As we begin raising our own food and acquire livestock, 
the property takes on a more substantial role.
  We are becoming more sustainable, which has been our objective for many years,
 but slow in happening. 
 This year, though, we are bounding forward.

First, our three does have produced a healthy little flock of cuteness
 and are giving us good tasting milk morning and evening. 
 I am so thankful that there were no problems with the births.  
We now have 6 kids, 5 girls and one boy.
One is a "wimpy kid" that has needed bottle feedings and baby jammies to keep warm and thriving.
Jim named her "Aravas," and has taken over feeding her.  
It is warm enough now for her natural coat, 
but she was pretty cute in the lavender fleece jammies she spent the first three days in. 


Notice how this baby (Daisy) has a squiggly line down her back.

It is more noticeable here.


Growing our own food has become more important to us, not only for economy,
 but for better quality food that is organic and readily available. 
 Lacking a good garden site, soil, and deer proof fence, 
I am growing our food in our house.
  Brian just put in shelves in the south facing windows the other day.
  I have planted leaf lettuce, spinach, roquette, kale, cherry tomatoes, and sauce tomatoes. 

 These I hope to grow indoors year round, providing a continuous stream of healthy greens,
 which have become a daily staple for us.
I also planted bush beans that I will transfer outside at some point.
Meanwhile, we sprouted some lentils to add to our salads.  
It takes four days to sprout a good bunch, with only minutes each day of your time.

Favorite Spinach Salad
Fresh spinach,
 sun dried tomatoes, 
crumbled feta, 
basic dressing.

Today we are adding lentil sprouts and chopped cooked chicken.

Basic Dressing
1 tsp Dijon style mustard
2 Tbsp plus 1 tsp wine or balsamic vinegar
1/2 c olive oil
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp stevia
 stir well and use immediately.

To this I often add a few cloves of chopped garlic sauteed in butter.
Any herb you want could be added.
Store in frig.

Happy Homesteading!


  1. So much fun. I used to live on a farm growing up and my mom had goats and milked them. We also had a very large vegetable garden. My husband and I now live in the city, but hope to some day move closer to the country so we can have a garden and some animals as well like chickens and maybe cows. I miss it that's for sure! :)

  2. beautiful and heartwarming, Julienne. I didn't know baby goats could be so cuddly!


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