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Gentling Mama: Heavenly, Herbal Healing

I have a confession.

 I am often times, just too tightly wound.   I can get anxious easily.   If I were a horse, I would be labeled "high strung."
The last 5 years I have worked very hard to relax, loosen up, trust God,  and maintain a gentle and quiet spirit.   But, it does not come naturally to me.   It is a battle.

I often see myself winning this battle now that I am older  (I just had a birthday, and wow! am I feeling older!).   But, I do not ALWAYS win.

This week has seen extra challenges for me,  and I have not met them with a gentle and gracious spirit.

Despite my prayers, my time alone with God, my plea for His peace,  I think my blood pressure its up quite a bit.   I have felt worry and anxiety creeping in, and with it, irritability- a sure sign of stressed not managed.
It is high time to gentle mama, .....again.

I spent the morning allowing the children to run out side while I read the psalms,  played serene music, and talked to the Lord.  The healing balm of uni…

Life After The School of Honor

Life will never be the same for the 24 of us  who gathered at Providence Lodge for Idaho's first School of Honor last weekend.   It was a sacred time. 18 young men, ages 9 - 17, drank in the enthusiastic teaching of Logan Wilson.  Honor, chivalry, civility, and lessons from heroes of the past  kept the students enthralled for three fast paced days of learning.

As fabulous as the material was,  the real life model of Logan and his two impressive Interns  meant just as much to the admiring boys,  whom I think, would have followed them to the ends of the earth. 

 For Brian, Rose and I,  words cannot express the emotions we feel,  or the depth of gratitude for what the Lord has done,  but longing for you to hear, 
I will do my best.

First and foremost,
if you ever have the opportunity to send a young man to the School of Honor,  do it. What power there is when a young man speaks life and godliness to other young men!  

The manner in which Logan teaches his materials reaches into the de…

Young Entrepreneurs

The rain,  pouring down day after day this whole week has proved amazing results:  it looks like spring!   The snow is nearly gone, the creek alongside the cabin is a swollen, rushing torrent,  and low and behold - we even had blue sky today!  (the first in weeks)  Such a marvel!

We have all been busy with our work.   Brian has a new young men''s Bible study on Tuesdays.  Today they are going to hear a speaker tell them about the Patriot Academy. Apparently, there is one in every state,  teaching young people about legislation and helping them to get a start at the state level.   Very interesting.
I am doing our spring cleaning.   Well, actually the children are doing most of it,  I am mostly administrating.   This is in preparation for theSchool of Honor we are hosting later this week.   We are expecting 21 young men here for three days of intensive training.   Watch the You tube, it is goose bump raising.
Rose is doing her best to get two orphaned baby goats to live,  althou…

Searching For Owls

The baby goats were born a week ago.   Our two does each produced healthy twins, and all are doing well. 

 Now to keep them safe from predators!
 Living out in the woods, we have a variety of threats.   Last year we lost two kids to the coyotes, who lured off the dogs in one direction  and came in and took two babies in the goat pen.   This year, we are hearing the low steady  whoot whoot whoot  of an owl close by the the towering pine trees next to the goat barn.   This has the boys all astir.   What kind of owl is it?   We have several varieties that habitate here, such as..
The Great Grey Owl:

The Great Horned Owl:

The common Barn Owl:

Today, the boys have the animal encyclopedia out  studying the habits, calls, and physical features of various large owls.  This we have made our Nature Journal topic of the week.   Drawings, labeling, and short reports of various types of owls prepare them  for the finding of the local silent flyer who could easily pack off a newborn goat kid.
As so…