Saturday, March 22, 2014

Life After The School of Honor

Life will never be the same for the 24 of us
 who gathered at Providence Lodge for Idaho's first School of Honor last weekend.  
It was a sacred time.
18 young men, ages 9 - 17, drank in the enthusiastic teaching of Logan Wilson. 
 Honor, chivalry, civility, and lessons from heroes of the past 
kept the students enthralled for three fast paced days of learning.

As fabulous as the material was, 
the real life model of Logan and his two impressive Interns 
meant just as much to the admiring boys, 
whom I think, would have followed them to the ends of the earth. 

 For Brian, Rose and I, 
words cannot express the emotions we feel, 
or the depth of gratitude for what the Lord has done, 
but longing for you to hear, 
I will do my best.

First and foremost,
if you ever have the opportunity to send a young man to the School of Honor, 
do it.  
What power there is when a young man speaks life and godliness to other young men!  

The manner in which Logan teaches his materials reaches into the depths of human emotion,
 and draws out from that
inspiration and motivation,
and joy to pursue honor. 
 I saw it in their eyes, the 18 boys we hosted here.

On the lighter side,
I also saw with my own eyes, 
7 loaves of fresh baked bread disappear in one meal!  
...Nearly 30 lbs of chicken at another, and a daily ration of three gallons of milk per meal.

 I have a new appreciation for the Duggars.

 They were, in all honesty, very well behaved - 
and Brian and I enjoyed having 21 young men in our home.  
We enjoyed feeding them.  
We relished watching them rapt as Logan taught.

I have already heard from several parents
 that what their sons learned is being applied at home already, 
 a new course for living a more God honoring life charted out and implemented by the boys themselves.

 Our family was very blessed by these three godly young men.
 What a pleasure to have them in our home!

God is at work in this younger generation.
He surely has something very big in mind for them...
seeing the caliber of men and women He is raising up gives me much hope for the future.

Truly, It  has been a most amazing event!!

Tired, but  very blessed,


  1. Thank you, Rose, for meeting Logan and suggesting your family check out his School of Honor. Thank you, Brian and Julianne, for hosting them. We don't have boys, but experiencing Logan's presentations has me thanking God for such strong, Godly young men. I am excited to see how the young men in our church family live this new life in Christ!

  2. Becca,
    Indeed! The Butterfly Effect - she meets him at summit, he comes here for SOH, the young men then....we are never to be the same, and therefore, maybe the world will never be the same.
    And now, perhaps a School of Grace???

  3. I would love for my boys to be able to attend this event! I'm going to check into it and see if I can find one here in NC or KY !

  4. Rebekah,
    That is a great idea! If you contact Logan and proceed to host a school of honor there in your area, you will not be sorry! It is fabulous. Email me for any questions about how we hosted this event.

  5. This sounds like a wondeful idea for boys and a School of Grace for girls also sounds very applicable in this era we're living in. I enjoyed reading about your time with all of the boys. It also brings back memories of how much my boys ate when they lived at home. :-)

  6. That's so exciting. What a neat opportunity for the young boys and the young men.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.



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