Friday, March 28, 2014

Gentling Mama: Heavenly, Herbal Healing

I have a confession.

 I am often times, just too tightly wound
 I can get anxious easily. 
 If I were a horse, I would be labeled "high strung."

The last 5 years I have worked very hard to relax, loosen up, trust God, 
and maintain a gentle and quiet spirit.  
But, it does not come naturally to me.  
It is a battle.

I often see myself winning this battle now that I am older 
(I just had a birthday, and wow! am I feeling older!).  
But, I do not ALWAYS win.

This week has seen extra challenges for me, 
and I have not met them with a gentle and gracious spirit.

Despite my prayers, my time alone with God, my plea for His peace, 
I think my blood pressure its up quite a bit.  
I have felt worry and anxiety creeping in, and with it, irritability- a sure sign of stressed not managed.

It is high time to gentle mama, .....again.

I spent the morning allowing the children to run out side while I read the psalms, 
played serene music, and talked to the Lord. 
The healing balm of uninterrupted time with my Heavenly Father did it's work to my heart.  
Seeking forgiveness for allowing the poisons of pride, tension, and anxiety to be effective in my life, 
I could feel the burden lifted, as if 10 lbs had been removed from my shoulders...
the sigh escaping bringing chills to my arms. 

 Now to repair my nerves.
 I went to the kitchen seeking herbal healing.  
Knowing my weakness, my cupboard is stocked with soothing herbs. 
 Four of these, I combine to make Preacher's Passion tea.
(equal parts of chamomile, passionflower, peppermint, and oat straw)
 I may rename it "Calming Mama" tea.
The hot brew ministers to my body.  Sarah Reeves speaks to my soul.

 Next, I smothered my skin in a recent gift of lavender lotion from my sweet friend,
Enola Gay, 
who made a basket  of natural products for my birthday.
Lavender is a calming herb.  I often put a few drops in my dishwater, just cuz'.

If I find myself overly emotional, I would treat myself to a dropper of Valerian;
a calming herb which, in tincture form, is effective instantly, Praise the Lord!

Lastly, if at all possible, (it is not today)
I will take a therapeutic walk in the great outdoors of Idaho. 

Sometimes my husband has to remind me that taking this time is of utmost importance. 
My tension effects everyone in the family,
dog included.
However, yelling at my self to "BE STILL MY SOUL!" is never really all that helpful.
That high strung horse has to be soothed and talked to in a still, small voice.
We mama's need quiet time.... and I know just where to find that voice.....

A little maintenance goes a long ways.

I have had the time today to dress my
battle wounds an resume duty.
I may limp a bit yet,
but I have whole pot of that tea,
and many more psalms and prayer times to pepper my day with.

Humbly Yours,


  1. Bless you Julianne.

    God is good to give us what we need, and you are wise to recognize what is happening and what you need to do to deal with it.

    Thanks for your openness in sharing.


  2. I so needed to hear someone else say they have stressed hearts, and how you combatted yours was a blessings.
    I especially NEEDED to read about Valerian root Tincture-It is on my next shopping list-sounds much better than an over=-the=counter anxiety med that I am currently using on those AWFUL days!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. A pot of tea sounds most inviting - and calming. But even better is an afternoon speaking truth to one another! I hope to see you soon, my dear.



  4. Thank you for this, really, thank you. Being a mommy is so hard. I am a high strung one, too. So thankful you shared this. I love peeking into your life. I am in Idaho too! God bless your humble heart and keep on.


  5. Jessica,
    Oh, and fellow Idahoan! Welcome here, it is encouraging to me that any post would be meaningful to another. thank you and blessings to you!

  6. Chris,
    You are most welcome..I just knew I wasn't the only one! I am happy to share what is helpful to me, I hope you find the valerian as worthy as I do.


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