Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Young Entrepreneurs

The rain, 
pouring down day after day this whole week has proved amazing results: 
 it looks like spring! 
 The snow is nearly gone, the creek alongside the cabin is a swollen, rushing torrent, 
and low and behold - we even had blue sky today! 
(the first in weeks)
 Such a marvel!

We have all been busy with our work. 
 Brian has a new young men''s Bible study on Tuesdays. 
Today they are going to hear a speaker tell them about the Patriot Academy.  
Apparently, there is one in every state, 
teaching young people about legislation and helping them to get a start at the state level.  
Very interesting.

I am doing our spring cleaning. 
 Well, actually the children are doing most of it,  I am mostly administrating.  
This is in preparation for the School of Honor we are hosting later this week. 
 We are expecting 21 young men here for three days of intensive training. 
 Watch the You tube, it is goose bump raising.

Rose is doing her best to get two orphaned baby goats to live, 
although one is giving her a run for her money, poor little thing. 
 The mama collapsed last Wednesday, (we do not know why), 
and thus we have had the two week old babies in the house, bottle feeding and keeping them warm. 
They have now moved back to the barn with the other doe and her two babies. 
 Rose is feeding bottles three times a day, and the littlest one has still not taken to it, 
so it is a time consuming process requiring much patience and persistence.

And the Little Woodsmen, (when not kept cleaning), 
have their own work to do. 
Brian and I believe in training the children up to have creative, innovative ideas 
that will get their hands wet in entrepreneurial industry. 
 Joe, Jim and Ben 
have taken our nudging and are now in business making cedar kindling bundles to sell. 

 Just down the county road is a cedar shake mill.  
All the leftovers come out of the mill forming mountains
 of 1 to 4 inch wide cedar sticks about 16 inches long.  
One of us will drive the truck down there, 
the boys will fill the truck up, 
 we bring it home,
 they unload it, 
then Joe cuts the cedar into even lengths with the chop saw.
Jim and Ben wrap the bundles which are then ready to sell.  

They use my small soup pot to measure the bundles.

There is very little cost involved.  
They work together and share the profits equally.  
This they do one or two days a week. 
 The more they sell, the more they are motivated to put more time into it and have more product to sell. 

 Bethany and Gabe (they are 5 and 7) see what a great thing it is to have your own business, 
and are begging me to help them come up with an idea.  
For more inspiration on young entrepreneurs,
about a 6 yr old who wants to buy a backhoe, 
it is a great story!

 Blessings to you and yours this week!  I will be back after the School of Honor.


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  1. I love to see families living a real life and boys - sturdy boys- who are being entrepreneurial! That's clever of them to sell the cedar strips.

    I hope the baby goat will take to the bottle and live! Poor little thing!

    I'm going to look at your links - our youngest is a boy aged 8, and we want for him to be a man of honor, to be a Christ follower and to walk in integrity.

    Have a wonderful day, Julianne! Can't wait to hear about the School of Honor!



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