Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Diary of a Quiverfull Mom: Mastering Breakfast

Faintly I hear the pitter patter of little feet getting closer, closer...
...I strain to attain some sort of consciousness out of the deep, wonderful, life giving,
 (did I say wonderful?) slumber of the night.

Then there she is.  My eyes will not open, try as I might.
  Her eyelashes brush my cheek and suddenly she is kissing me, hugging me,
 like an over friendly cat that wants to be petted. 
 It is 6:09...
 I finally get one eye partially open. 

This is my life, and I adore it...most of the time.

Olivia is 3, and very lovey-dovey, in the morning, especially. 
 So, while I try to attain vision and coherence, she reads to me "Blueberries for Sal" 
in typical 3 yr old fashion.  I should have video taped it.

The inside thermometer reads 61, so Olivia and I head downstairs to start a fire.
  After a few cups of coffee, I am finally fully awake.

 The other 6 children start getting up, and I head to the kitchen to make Wednesday breakfast; 

German pancakes. 

Brian and I believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day
so we have a healthy cooked meal everyday. 
 Why do I think it is so important? 
 Because it starts the day off well, with a loving atmosphere and both spiritual 
and physical nourishment.
  When we all sit down together, hold hands, pray, and share a good meal, the days plans, 
and Bible reading, we pour the foundation for the day ahead. 

Most of my mothering life, I have delegated cooking breakfast to children, since I am
 A). not a morning person, 
and B).  over the last 22 years have usually have a nursling that needs me first thing in the morning. 

 Currently, I am the breakfast cook instead of the usual dinner cook 
because I have recently found that by the end of the day
 I am just plain too tired to deal with dinner 
and still be a human till bedtime. 
 Anyway,  I have three teenagers that need to learn to cook. 
 Last season, they took care of breakfast quite well and are now moving on to dinners. 
 They each cook two nights a week, leaving me one night,
 and that I have planned to be the weekend, not a school day,
 because I have more energy on non school days.

 It is really so much easier, I have found, to have a daily breakfast plan

 Mine goes like this: 

 Monday- egg casserole,
 Tuesday- hot cereal, 
Wednesday-German Pancake,
 Thrusday- Gluten free pancakes, (Bob's Red Mill)
 Friday- Oatmeal,
 Saturday- fried potatoes and eggs,
 Sunday- granola.

Like I said, I am not a morning person, but this meal is so important,
 it is worth the extra effort.


Kim said...


I am definitely not a morning person either. I like to wake up on my own, but that can be a bad habit to fall into.

When I had children, they ALL seemed to be morning people. And I quickly learned that if I wanted a quiet time alone, I would need to get up before the littles.

Breakfast has always been a challenge for me. I would either do great making pancakes, oatmeal, egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, or cinnamon biscuits for a few months and then fall of the wagon and resort to cold cereal.

Thanks for the boost and inspiration. I need to get back to planning each morning and having it the same each week. I like that idea.

I do think breakfast is important and I wish we could sit as a family. Larry has to be at work at 6am. We would have to eat at 5am and I don't think I could do that!! It is a blessing to have your husband be there to start the day.

Thanks for the update and pictures. I glean a lot from you and your family.

By Grace Alone,

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love breakfast, but don't always like to make breakfast!

I do want to get better at it - we've always done, make your own breakfast. - but I want to make a menu and plan the meals out.


Julianne Primer said...

Dear Kim,
I always hope that sharing my own experience may be inspiring to someone!
While Brian is not always able to be here for breakfast, it is wonderful when he is, truly a blessing since he can have some pretty long days, getting home after bedtime.
Blessings to you and yours, and many happy breakfasts to come. :-)

Julianne Primer said...

I am with you!! Isn't making breakfast sort of like childbirth...don't want to do it, but rewarding when it is done? (chuckle)