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Praying for Babies

This is Charles Owen.   He was born yesterday, 9 lbs 4 oz.  He is the grandson of one of my best friends.

As I was rejoicing over this good news while vacuuming,  my heart immediately beckoned me to pray for him. 
 Vacuuming the floor is a great time to pray. 
 You see, Charles Owen is in need of prayer... ... and here is the reason:   He has been born into a country who has lost its fear of the Almighty God.   He has been born into a culture where the church goers  are apathetic to the moral decline of our nation,  a culture who has given up hope.
When people do not fear the Lord,  there is moral decline, and hope wains.
Owen needs our prayers.   His parents need them.   They, and all the believing families across the nation,  need people to lovingly pray for them with endurance,  that their children would be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord,  that parents would have wisdom and discernment to raise them to be  godly,  God fearing, Jesus loving men and women.

Simple Camping

Desiring to get away for the weekend with our son John and his family,  we planned for a simple and quick camp trip to our favorite campground. 
 Fall campground camping is wonderful, because the campground is virtually empty,  the landscape turning fall colors is lovely,  and the weather is fine, albeit a bit crisp in the mornings.
It was a beautiful, relaxing, and fun weekend.
Our tent site overlooked the play area and the lake, giving us a protective and lovely view.

Sitting around the campfire doing nothing for hours is my kind of relaxing!!

Others find sand an amazing relaxer, and can play in it for hours on end.

For those cool mornings, everyone needs a great hat.

Camping is all about taking time to unwind.

taking time to enjoy one another without the distractions of everyday life

And drink in deeply of the beauty of God's creation

How did we Keep it simple with 11 people?

We did all the cooking in the Dutch Oven, making meals and packing less we took the w…

Diary of a Quiverfull Mom: Mastering Breakfast

Faintly I hear the pitter patter of little feet getting closer, closer... ...I strain to attain some sort of consciousness out of the deep, wonderful, life giving,  (did I say wonderful?) slumber of the night.
Then there she is.  My eyes will not open, try as I might.   Her eyelashes brush my cheek and suddenly she is kissing me, hugging me,  like an over friendly cat that wants to be petted.   It is 6:09... A.M.  I finally get one eye partially open. 
This is my life, and I adore it...most of the time.
Olivia is 3, and very lovey-dovey, in the morning, especially.   So, while I try to attain vision and coherence, she reads to me "Blueberries for Sal"  in typical 3 yr old fashion.  I should have video taped it.   Priceless.
The inside thermometer reads 61, so Olivia and I head downstairs to start a fire.   After a few cups of coffee, I am finally fully awake.
 The other 6 children start getting up, and I head to the kitchen to make Wednesday breakfast; 
German pancakes.