Monday, November 23, 2009

Character Wood and Helpful Characters

During the log selection, waaaayyy back when we were starting this project, we measured butt and top ends, cataloging the logs along with various markings or bows they may have. Then, when we raised the support columns, we checked our inventory of logs, and selected several logs that had curious character. A few "Cat Faced" logs went in the living areas horizontally, but the rest we kept for the vertical columns.

We are pleased with the results. Everyone's favorite being the double topped tree which became a forked column in the living room. I think it needs a bobcat perching in it (hint hint, John).

We will use more character wood on the stairs railings and stiles. Our theory is that, by having just a few prominatly featured oddities throughout the living areas, they would stand out more than if we had chosen mostly character wood in both our horizontal log walls and the verticle supports.

Also, this seemed like a good place to include some friendly faces that have contributed alot to the building project. Thanks for your help guys!!!

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