Monday, November 30, 2009

Dry wall mixer goes to dinner

So, even though we are not done, and not moved in, we decided we were close enough to host Thanksgiving dinner at the lodge. We tidyed up a bit, moving tools upstairs and sweeping/dusting everything. It really looked quite homey.
The way we designed our floor plan is very open, so that the south end of the house is open from end to end(36'). This is for the single reason of hospitality. We set up two very long tables for thanksgiving and seated 25. There was floor space for another table, which we should have provided, since we were all very close quarters during dinner. The picinic table Brian and I worked on this last summer for the porch, were made the same heighth and width as our dining set, so when hosting a crowd, (besides our own family:-)) the two tables flow togehter seemlessly.

Well, the dinner prep was going well until the time came for mashing the potatoes. The hand mixer was not deep enough for the huge batch of taters we cooked, so Brian disappeared upstairs and came down with the dry wall mixer and a smile. After washing it really well, it did a "smashing" job, and we were ready for the feast!

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