Thursday, June 3, 2010

Log Home Decorating - part 2, "Romantic Rustic"

Welcoming all to the lodge, this solar light bear is surrounded by my favorite porch flower, red geraniums. There used to be more but one of our dogs ate them :-).  I enjoy mixing rustic items with my romantic tendencies, you may never see such a combination in a decorating magazine, but it is just so me.
 Not quite the willow twig porch seating I had envisioned, but the camp chairs are comfy, and better than no porch seating at all.  We really enjoy spending time out here, morning, noon or night.

I just had to rearrange a few chairs since the last decorating post.  Now this nook in the living room reminds me of papa bear, mama bear chairs, which makes me smile.

The living room feels lush and rich in texture and color, like an old Victorian den.  We are extremely pleased with it, since nearly everything in it has been given to us.  I would like to paint the sewing cabinet some day.  Maybe a distressed black.

The romantic white on white master bedroom stands out next to the rustic log walls.  Here is a classic example of "do with what you've got"  that works pretty well when you mix it up right.  Little by little I am  making progress, puttering around and getting things just right.  Living a beautiful life is a conviction of mine. It is a way I can organize an efficient living space, wrap it in beauty, and give it a character that reflects who I am.

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  1. Your Home is beautiful! I especially like the bedroom.


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