Friday, June 4, 2010

These are the Days of our Off-grid, Home schooling, Quiverfull lives

 At the break of day, our priority is a cup of daddy's excellent coffee and time alone with God.

Morning chores give our day order and structure.

Off grid means no electric dryer, we hang our laundry out on nice days, and on a indoor rack on wet days.  There is something very peaceful about hanging laundry on a line.  It is very romantic.
Off grid also means no (automatic)dish washer, other than the lovely ladies you see here.  This  is also a peaceful, quieting activity, that promotes family unity.  The girls usually end up singing and harmonizing while washing dishes.
Homeschooling, for us, is a Charlotte Mason Approach. We read aloud or silently lots of real books, practice narration, make observations and study together.

We are walking through the Proverbs together for our summer school.  All 8 of us who are usually home sit together, the little one on my lap or "coloring," the preschoolers coloring or writing letters, then the older ones writing, defining, drawing, and discussing our way through each verse.  When the littler ones have reached their capacity for sitting at the table, they are excused to go play.

This is what Mrs. Michelle Dugger calls the "bus stop" method.  Each student gets "off" when their learning capacity  is reached, we then go on deeper for the next older students, and so forth.  I find this method very time and energy efficient, promoting family togetherness, and simple to teach.  Love it!
Then, there is nap time, or quiet time for those not sleepy.

And play time following.  This is the time of day where,(I am quite sure there is a secret conspiracy) the children see who can get the most dirt on them.

He wins!!  Those who work hard must play hard!.

A time to walk, a time to ponder.

Preparing yummy food to nurture and satisfy rumbly tummies.
Gathering around our big table for a beautiful dinner, singing, praying, discipling, laughing, and enjoying our large family, is the highlight of the day.
At the end of the day we are thankful for being blessed to have 8 sweet children, with another yet being formed in the womb.  We sure have our hands full.  I can't imagine life any other way, nor would I want to be doing anything else in the world.  

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