Monday, June 28, 2010

What's a Girl To Do? pt 2

She is not as tall as a rose bush, 
in a red poka dot  dress, bloomers peeking out from underneath. 
Her short, sturdy legs weaving through the long lush grass in undeniable cuteness.
  The breeze that plays with her long blond curls, the sort a mother can’t resist stroking, 
sends a refreshing breath as I watch her from across the pond. 
Wandering through the field aimlessly, she was intent on picking every daisy she could find for the wilting bunch held tightly in her pudgy little hands. 
Hands that moments ago held a frog captured by brother, and before that caressed kittens close.


 “ O Lord, teach me to guide this precious little one into womanhood with grace and love. 
May she learn to love you with all her heart. 
Give me wisdom, Lord, to mold her character day by day, moment by moment.”


Since she was a tiny babe, I would hold her and look into her big blue eyes proclaiming truth into her life, though she did not understand it at the moment, the words I spoke to her everyday  soon became written on her mind, and eventually, her heart. 

“Bethany is a sweet girl, 
Bethany loves to share,
Bethany is an obedient girl. 
Mama loves Bethany,
Daddy loves Bethany,
Jesus loves Bethany.”

  She is never too young to begin to understand the value of godly character. 
A woman of noble character is of great value in the eyes of the Lord, and in the eyes of her family.  But, little girls do not just become wonderful women some day.  
They must be trained, character molded into a fine vessel.  Next to cultivating a love for God that can be displayed in a feminine way, it is our second priority in raising our girls.

 I liken the charge to a beautiful wild horse. 
Majestic in its power and strong spirit. 
That is the woman the world embraces today.
  But compare that wild mustang to a highly trained dressage horse, obedient to the slightest touch from it’s master.  It’s full potential has come alive through diligent training. 
Intelligence, control, athletic ability all maximized.  Any soul who is witness to such a fine equine specimen would never say, “oh they should have left him wild and free, it is really too bad.” 
Such is the case with human beings. 

Careful attention to faults, with a God fearing persistence to redirect the character will result in an improved person.  Truly, a little girl’s maximum potential cannot possibly be reached
without careful, diligent instruction. 

The Proverbs 31 lady, is one of good character
more than the unfathomably industrious woman that makes us tired just reading about her.  
We tend to see all the things she does,
when I think, the portrait is of
who she is. 
As we gaze upon the heart of this mentor, one can begin to envision a woman of immense ability,
with a soft heart, 
who loves and serves her family with sincere devotion.
We see a pattern of how to train up our daughters in balanced character that is pleasing to the Lord.

In verse 11 she is trustworthy. 
She can keep a promise, she can control her tongue, she can keep a secret, 
she is not unruly or prone to embarrassing moments.

In verse 13 she is a willing (cheerful) worker.
She does not grouch about having to do chores, but happily goes about household tasks.

In verse 15 she is thoughtful of others and servant hearted.


In verse 16 she is thoughtful and visionary.

In verse 16,17,18 she is a hard worker.
Industrious.  Skilled in many areas.

In verse 20 she is compassionate and generous.

In verse 21 she is serene,
not anxious or high strung.  Not hysterical, panicky, or stressed out. 
But calm, peaceful, with a quiet spirit.

In verse 25 she is meek, and confident in herself.

In verse 26 she is gentle and kind.

In verse 27 she is prepared, thoughtful.

She will be worth her weight in gold some day, if I am faithful. 
She will glorify God with her life, if I disciple her. 
She will provide no end of joy and delight to her parents some day, if she is brought up well. 
Her inner beauty will shine through.


The little blond with the sweet smile, the one whose charming eyes melt mine, the chubby, sticky fingers that pat my face with tipped head, whose bare feet caked with dirt leave tales upon my apron, who had me head over heels since the first moment I saw her, she is already indescribably precious, by God’s Grace one day her price will be far above rubies.

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